Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The best MOTUC shipment yet!

So this month had a shipment of 3 new MOTUC figures and they are all great. Usually when they send a bunch in one month some of them are not so good. This month we get the subscription exclusive Shadow Weaver who is Hordak's evil mistress of dark magic. Very cool and you can read the bio below.

Then you got one of my most anticipate figures in the entire MOTU universe the SORCERESS!!!!! This is one of the best looking figures in my entire collection! Read bio below.

The Sorceress was supposed to be in January and got delayed so here we have February's actual figure FISTO. This is just a simple great looking figure. Read the bio below.

With the subscription like the last two years we got a map this year which is of Preternia which also has info below.
So to keep up with the popularity of Squinkies we have Star War Fighter Pods that are pretty much just squinkies with a different name. The litte guys look really cool but the gimmick of the pods themselves is pretty dumb. I got this set to get the Yoda, Vader, Fett, and Aayla Secura.
Up close.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage and not so vintage

So there is an antiques consignment store off the freeway between work and home so I stopped there this week and picked up some random vintage items from one of the booths at the store. This here is a She-Ra Frosta figure that I don't think the person knew was She-Ra because it was only 3 bucks.
The same booth had this great condition Man-E-Faces
And an incredible condition Leech (suction feature works great!)
This is a version of Soundwave called Sonicron. I bought it on clearance at the robot form looks like a really cool updated Soundwave (although the joints are real loose and it is hard to stand him up)
He transforms into something more modern than a boombox though as you can see here he is a minirecorder. His snap features don't work so well so overall he is really cool looking but the transform feature is very subpar.
Avengers movie toys came out this week and I couldn't resist this mini mugg of the Iron Man Mark VII.
Here is another vintage figure I got at the antiques place. It is a plastic Gremlin that I had as a kid!
Then you have a not so vintage Gremlin figure I got at FYE for a discount because the store in Orem is closing. This is the Flasher Gremlin! Can't wait for wave two because it has Electric Gremlin and Rambo Gizmo!!!!