Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This month was a big MOTU month with three items coming out but I only wanted this one so the other two were added to my lot of figures that I am selling on ebay (go to make room for and get money for upcoming stuff!).  This is Horde Prime.  I was concerned because originally the face they showed under the helmet you see there was a really lame bug looking thing but what it actually came as is AWESOME!  You can read his bio below!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am sensing some seismic activity!

Yeah for TRU carrying minimates!  These are all TRU sets here. First we have the Gwen Stacy Dr. Connors set from the upcoming Amazing Spiderman.

Here we have Vigilante Spiderman and Capt. Stacy. This movie looks like it is going to be a good one!

Here we have some characters that I was really looking forward to because they are not only 90's characters that I loved from my trading card sets but they also fill out the X-Force Roster.

This TRU wave also had a good new Spiderman in that he has a spidey sense accessory and webbing under his arms so finally a new version of Spiderman.  Then we have this awesome Kingpin who came with a Daredevil that I already have. I got rid of my old Kingpin in anticipation of this one coming out and he is awesome!  Then you have First Appearance Punisher who also looks great.

And lastly we have some additional members of the New Mutants in Mirage and Magma.  So far the SDCC announced minimate sets are just ok so I guess I don't really know when it will be until the next set of minimates!  Just wait and see I guess.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Something smells

So May was a good toy month, especially because the MOTUC figure was the one that I have wanted above all others since the beginning of this line. . . . STINKOR!!! He actually smells and he is everything I hoped for.  Now I can be satisfied to not subscribe again because the other figures I want at this point will be few and far between (Mekanek coming later this year and Spikor are the only others currently announced that I really want) Read Odiphus' bio below.

Here we have minimates wave 44 variant set of Modern Ant Man and Kree soldier.  I just bought the variant set online because the other 4 figures in the wave came with the Disney sets that I alreadybought and posted about.

Here we ahve the other Avengers TRU exclusive two pack with the awesome Black Widow and Hawkeye!  I wish I had Black Widow as my personal bodyguard!

Here we have the actual wave of Avengers which is minimates wave 45.  The variant for the set is Colbie Smulders' Maria Hill.  Then you also have a Chitauri soldier and general.

The rest of wave 45 consists of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk.

The waves have been hitting fast and furious and this is wave 46 which is based on the upcoming Amazing Spiderman movie. Here you have Spiderman and Peter Parker

Here you have battle damaged Spiderman and the Lizard

The rest of the wave is Swat guys (with an alternate head to make one infected by the Lizard) then you have Unlce Ben and the variant of Aunt May (honestly this makes me a little mad that we now have two variants that are Aunt May. . . . .seriously DST what the heck) Anyhoo summer is always full of minimates because of SDCC so hopefully they announce some cool packs!