Friday, June 2, 2017


 Ok So this is such a smorgasbord of toys over the last month or so that I am just gonna say what they are and let you admire these cool additions to my collection. Loyal Subject Prince Adam

Reaction Trap Jaw from Super 7 who is not going to do MOTU stuff

That includes this collection of MOTU muscle! Buzzoff, ManEFaces, Ram Man, Merman, Whiplash, and Triklops.

Trap Jaw, Skeletor, Beastman, Teela, He-Man and Man at Arms. 

This is the Green Frame Gundam Astray.

The Milano Lego set from Guardians of the Galazy 2. It came with a Drax, Star Lord, Gamorra, and Nebula and don't forget the little baby Groot.

Here we have the Heavy Arms Gundam which is my favorite one that I have every assembled at this point.

Got the new Ghostbusters set on clearance at Walmart it comes with all four ghostbusters, Kevin, and a ghost. I gave the Holztman minifigure to Mara because she loves that characters.

A great new wave of Marel minimates based on Wolverine (and the Beyonder which I ordered loose at the same time) here we have Lady Deathstrike, Weapon X, Silver Samurai, Red Hand Ninja, arrowed Wolverine, Spiral, and Mojo.

Then there is the new wave for the new Spiderman movie with Shocker, Spidey, Peter, Vulture, Aunt May, Cheap suit Spidey, and the Tinkerer.

Here we have an amazing Huge new Marvel Legends Deadpool along with a hilarious Headpool.

This is the cool K2SO that was on clearance.

Here is the same style Scout Trooper with Speeder bike.

This is from the new show the Freemaker adventures. This is the Tracker I which I got because it might as well be a version of a TIE fighter.  It came with Rowan, and MOC hunter droid, a probe droid and an emperor Palpatine.

This is a new Bounty Hunter speeder that I got because it is the first version of 4LOM they have made and it is also an improved IG88 over what I had.

So Game Stop bought Thinkgeek and I was in a Game Stop today and they had this MOTUC set for a great deal so I got it because I LOVE the Skeletor in this one. Read the bio below.

Then the Disney store was having a sale so I got this metal series Deathtrooper for 6$

I also got this big Rey doll for 14$ I love them female Jedi!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

More than meets the third eye.

So I am graduating with my masters degree soon and so as a reward my wife let me buy this third party masterpiece Thrust.  Thrust was one of  the first Transformer that I got that was mine and that same Christmas my brothers also got seekers (Dirge and Skywarp) so I had to have this masterpiece.  Here is jet mode.

These big transformers are a pain to transform and this being a third party it isn't as high of quality and so part of his arm broke and so I had to end up soldering it together which means he will forever be in robot sad but he still looks amazing.

New lego sets for 2017!  Here you have a Hammer bot and Coulson's flying car with some great minifigures!

This Avenger's space jet was on clearance and so I snagged it as it came with Hyperion, Captain Marvel and Thanos as well as space Iron Man and Captain America!

New Skiff and Sarlaac set with a great Skiff Guard and new Han Solo. Sometimes these new sets replace an old version which was the case here!

 Got some great new box sets here we have the Daredevil Season 2 set with Elektra, Daredevil, Stick, and Karen Page.

Then we have the Luke Cage Box set it came with Luke Cage and parts to make the first appearance Luke Cage (made from other parts from the Luke from the Jessica Jones set), Misty Knight, Mariah Dillard, and Cottonmouth.

Then we have Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wave with a great looking new Yondu and Gamorra,  A better Rocket and little Groot.  Then there is a cool new Star Lord and new characters Mantis, TaserFace, Ego and  Ayesha.

Then I found the newest wave of Walgreens minimates (thanks to a Pokemon hunt) Here we have Ultimate Green Goblin, Scarlet Spider, Underwater Spiderman, Speed Demon, Doctor Spectrum, Iron Skull, Antivenom and Hulk.  The Hulk glows in the dark! Love that they are still releasing new characters after 15 years!

This was another set meant to replace an old one.  I love the prototype A-wing but the Tie Advanced was to replace my old one because the one I had was blue and black and I have never liked it that color (Now I need some other replacement TIEs) This came with a great unique pilot and new verison of Tarkin and Vader (with a great two part mask) and a Sabine (Still without a helmet which is so lame)

This weekend was Fan X in Salt Lake and I got to complete my childhood MASK collection with Raven and Bullet with Calhoun Burns and Ali Bombay.  I now have all 5 of the vehicles I had as a kid!  Man do I love comic con weekends because I always get great stuff.  I also got a bunch of knockoff lego minifures to add to my collection but I am not taking individual photos currently as I will put up photos of the collections soon.

Lastly to top it all off is another third party transformer from Ocular Max this is Artifex or as the actual version is known, Hoist.  This is an AMAZING knock off probably one of my new favorite all time toys and definitely in my top five transformer toys.  So many great third party companies in China making high quality masterpiece toys that I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy them all! (and a house just for toys!)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lotso Legos

With my birthday this month there has been an influx of new toys. I probably didn't even get them all here cause I am a slacker sometimes.  Here we have the Yautja (Predator) Clan leader figure. This is my first full size Predator figure and I had to choose between like 5 different versions and this was by far the coolest.  I love the shoulder tails and well just the whole thing!

Then we have these Mega Man Dorbz figures which are of course adorable!  Rush, Protoman, variant Mega Man and my first figure of Dr. Wily.

Then I found the most amazing new Gundam figure, Nobell.  It is a girl Gundam that looks like Sailor Moon Gundam crossover.  I have looked for new Gundam figures but haven't had any recently that just jumped out as must haves, but this one certainly was!

When I was young I had a Gorilla Alien figure and now Neca has made this version in their new line of figures and so my wife got this for me for my birthday!  Love it.

Have been dying to get this set since I saw it announced. The Phantom ship is really cool but a minifigure of Admiral Thrawn is a dream come true!!!! The blind Kanan and Chopper are great new additions to my minifigure collection. More new SW legos to come soon!

We saw the Lego Batman movie and loved it so much we had to go get some sets right after. Luckily TRU was having a BOGO sale. Here we have the Catwoman heist set with Catwoman, Robin and Batgirl.  Batgirl is amazing because her ponytail on the back is movable for action poses!

Lastly we have the Riddler Racer with Magpie, Kite Man, Calendar Man, the Riddler, and Batman.  I am slightly obsessed with lego minifigures lately and where they come out on a more regular schedule and are easier to find than some minimates they have been rapidly catching up to my minimate obsession (that is not to say that I don't still love and won't continue to collect minimates!)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yes I do buy dolls

Clearance!  Mega Blocks Kraang and Leonardo and Raphael gotta love it!
So I have found that I really like these DC Super Hero Girl dolls......yes I am I now have four as you can see. Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Harley Quin. My girls love playing with them which of course makes me happy but they just look great.

Finally found the new wave of Walgreens minimates.  We have jet pack Spiderman, Squirrel Girl, Captain America, Itsy Bitsy Spiderman, Hyperion, and Noir Spiderman love it!

Got my SDCC exclusive Daredevil and Punisher set from the Netflix show. 

Got a couple of older minimate sets on Amazon because they were on clearance. This is the Age of Ultron set that has a drone, Nick Fury, Ultron, Tony Stark and Iron Man.

This was the Days of Future Past set so there is a new better lookin Mystique, a Sentinel, Wolverine, and Senator Kelley (which is made from parts of Kitty Pryde)

Since I have a Uwing now I figured I need to have a V wing as well so I snagged this for cheap on eBay. Oh boy good times.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post Christmas goodness

My big present from my wife for Christmas was the Marvel NOW blind bag series of minimates.  THe counter display box came with the whole wave and a bunch of duplicates which I can trade or sell but the wave includes Deadpool 2099, X-23, Space Knight Venom and I took the extra to make him Flash Thompson, then you have the Chaser Silk, International Iron Man, Spider Gwen, Old Man Logan and Miles Morales Spiderman.  I don't necessarily care about all of them but most of them are a score!

My mother in law got me the other two Rogue One Legos I didn't have yet. This is the Tie Striker and
This is the amazingly cool U-wing.  I love this one and it came with some great minifigures of Cassian and Jyn among others. 

Love the beginning of the year because it means new lego sets.  I snagged these marvel micro racers!  I love the minifigures and the cool racers too.  Magneto and his magnet car, Wolverine and the X jet, Iron Man (which I adore because he is in classic colors) and his cool car and then Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet car.

The Disney store has these great Die Cast figures and so I couldn't pass up this K2SO because he is so awesome and it was on sale.  He was one of my favorite parts of Rouge One.

Lastly I snagged the TRU wave of Dr Strange minimates with Astral Form Dr Strange, Zealot, Kaecilius, Mordo, The Ancient One, and Doctor Strange.