Friday, August 12, 2016


My toy collecting habits have become quite diverse over the years while more focused thus creating an amalgamation of toys that I collect.  I collect specific things, things I like, and things that are new and cool.  Yet I limit what I buy to things that I believe I won't want to get rid of in the future.  Here you have Disney store exclusive Rey and BB-8 figures.  They are similar to the black series in size and articulation but they are made mostly out of metal so they have some serious weight to them.  This figure was a purchase to replace the fact that I want the 3 3/4 figure of Rey with a lightsaber but the chances of me finding her at the store at this point are slim so I picked up this great figure.

This was a clearance buy.  I really like the look of these Lego character figures so when I found this Poe at 50% off I had to snag it!  Now I need a clearance general Grievous!

I am not, in general, a fan of the Po Vinyl figures but when it comes to Mega and Protoman I had to snag them! I  love the look of Protoman but not really the face of Megaman.  These are still great little figures.

I still love building toys and I love Gundam so when I find one that I like the look of I snag it.  This is from Build Gundam so they are all custom fighters. This one is Exia and will not be the last Gundam I buy!

I like the show Gotham but didn't get any of the minimates because the box sets were like 23$ so when this one showed up on clearance on amazon for 11 I grabbed it!  You have Oswald Cobblepot, ALfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, and Selina Kyle with her little Kitty that Melody didn't want to give back to me, she loved playing with it!

Lastly we have the newest wave of TRU minimates. This is a Deadpool themes wave so I was very excited!  You have Hulkpool (irradiated by the Red Hulk) First Appearance DP, FA Wolverine, Deadpool Now, and Spiderman dressed up like Cable.  One thing is for sure I cannot get enough minimates!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turtle Power

Diamond keeps knocking it out of the park with their Ninja Turtles minimates. These are the newest TRU ones.  You have Dark Horizons Raphael, Pizza Party Michelangelo (I love the extra heads with different expressions), then Space suit Leo and Donatello.  There is a counter display of blind bags that corresponds to this wave that has the other space suit turtles and others that I am sure I will pick up at some point.

Then the TRU wave also has an exosuit Kraang, Fugitoid, Commander Mozar and Chrome Dome (I wish Chrome Dome and Triceraton looked more like the vintage ones since those were some of my favorites but these will do)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

You speak my language

Today is Father's day so I will finish the post with the gift my wife got me but lets start with some other things I have acquired recently.  Here is the Walgreens animated minimates series 2.  You have Iron Spiderman, Dark Avengers Black Widow and Iron Man and a Drax and Gamorra to go with the Groot and Star Lord I got a while back.

Next we have some legos. This set is from the new Farlanders lego series. I haven't seen the show but like the ship, wanted the new Dengar figure and had to get the new character Naare because she has a lightsaber (I don't know what she is though)

Then I got a sweet deal 30% off so I snagged this Resistance fighter x-wing because I love X-wings even though this is exactly the same as Poe's stealth X-wing just with different colors.  This one came with a Poe, Lor San Tekka and a Flametrooper.

Had to pick up this two pack at TRU because Rawlf if my favorite character so I had to pick it up.

Disney Infinity isn't going to be making new ones so they are cheaper now and there was a sale so I picked up this Vader figure just because it looks cool.

Then I picked up this two pack at TRU as well of some Predators from Pedator 2. You have the Berserker and the Shaman.  If I was made of money I would be a completist with these but for now I pick and choose the ones I like the best.

When I was a kid I had this toy called Spinjas You can see in the picture below that you put the little guys in the spinners and wind them up and then spin them in the arena and they fight.  I have wanted to add this representation of my childhood to my collection for a really long time and finally found a good deal on ebay.  So here it is.

Last but not least my wife speaks my language here and got me this classic filmation style Skeletor figure from the MOTUC line.  This is definitely one of my all time favorite MOTU figures ever. I love the colors and the style he looks flat out amazing.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Turtle power

So we went to St. George over Memorial Day weekend and I found this Gotham minimates 2 pack at Barnes and Noble.  Detective Gordon and Bruce Wayne. I like the show but haven't bought any of the 4 packs because I don't want to pay shipping, so when I found this at regular price at the store no shipping I snagged it up.

I went to a Walmart down there and found this classics 6 inch Donatello based on the movie character.  I love the extra replaceable heads and was excited to snag this figure with the new movie coming up (which I saw last Friday night, it was ok but not as good as I hoped, I liked the first one better)

I also snagged this bear model that is from Gundam because I thought the girls would think it was cool.  I got this at the Barnes and Noble also.

Today at Walmart here at home I found wave two of the Megabloks Turtles so even though I don't like blind bags I found the Slash, the cool cowled Leo and the mutagen version of Donatello (I of course had to get the Donatello figure)  I don't necessarily care about Megbloks but these little minifigures are cool, I hope they expand the line to cover other properties.

Friday, May 13, 2016

They know me so well!

So my best friends Kenny and Jared were in California last week and they were at a Toy/Comic shop and it was free comic book day so the store was having a sale and since they know me so well they picked up this M.A.S.K. Gator toy that I had when I was kid. First of all the toy is awesome but more so I have the best friends ever!  This great toy is a jeep that has a depth charge launcher in the back and the switches on the side launch out a boat!  These toys are awesome!  Now there are two others I had as a kid that I need to get to complete my childhood collection!

I have been into buying Gundam stuff lately so I snagged this super deformed Gundam and a mobile tank mini guy that is plastic (almost feels like an eraser).  These were sort of impulse buys.

So Disney has shut down their infinity game line so the figures are on clearance at TRU so I snagged this cool looking Boba Fett because well I love the Fett!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barbatos not Barbados

I loved Battle Beasts as a kid and I love minimates now so combine the two and I love it! These were part of a comic book collections wave that showed up at TRU. I hope they make more but for now these two awesome characters are good (except I don't like the that neither of them can hold the shield) The shark is Spyrnus and the Giraffe is Ruminant.

Then I try my best not to be a completist with minimates so for the Civil War movie set I only picked up this pack because #1 I always buy the Iron Man minimates and then this is the first Black Panther movie minimate so it worked out well this was the only pack from this wave that I wanted. There is a second Civil War wave coming that I will get some from. 

As much as I would love to go to Barbados on vacation I will have to live with this new Gundam I got Barbatos.  This is the largest Gundam kit I have put together and I happened to get it during teacher appreciation week at Barnes and Noble so I got 20% off.  This one had a really cool internal frame that you assembled and the put on the outside armor.  I have just started watching Gundam for the first time so even though I like Gundam without the show, watching has increased my desire to have more!