Friday, June 1, 2018

I'm still here

Wow this is definitely the longest gap between posts ever!  I obviously still have purchased a lot and I am positive that this post doesn't include everything I have added to my collection.  It has been a sad time with TRU closing but I will press forward in my quest to have the coolest toys!  Here we have the last wave of TRU marvel minimates that I will get as they are closing.  We have some cool versions of Spiderman along with Jack-O Lantern, Beetle, Chamelion, Peter Parker and Mary Jane (the last two I made using extra parts I had as they are alternate versions of figures not additional characters in the wave).

Here we have a flocked Moss Man pop vinyl, love it!
I also bought a full box of the MOTU pint size heroes to make sure I got them all.  Then I sold the second set.  The Moss man and Panthor here are also flocked.  I love the look of these little guys! I hope they do a second wave!

Then you have the Mega Man Loyal Subjects.  I have more than what is pictured here but I have had to buy single ones online as these are blind boxed.  You have Skull Man, Zero, Sigma, B&W Mega Man and Cut Man.  I have also since purchased a Bass and Treble, Protoman, and a regular color Mega Man.

This was my birthday present and definitely one of the best toys of all time. It is a class version of Voltron with sounds.  The lions all came separate but combine to make this amazing and HUGE Voltron.

I also got a bunch of Kre-o for my birthday.  These are combiners so you can make them into a much larger guy but I like just collecting the individual Kre-o guys.

Here is one of the earliest waves of Kre-o guys I bought on ebay.

This is the amazing Rodimus Unicronus.  So he is a dark version of Hot Rod.  I also got the same size Rodimus Prime so it was cool to snag this version too.

This is just a cool Gundam that I snagged.

New lego sets include this Yoda Hut.

Then of course we got all the cool Solo movie sets so this is a speeder with Han, Qi'ra and a Correllian Hound.

THe Lego Ideas set came out with this Tron Legacy set with Sam, Qora, and Rinzler and some cool lightcycles and base.

A Tie Fighter from Solo with Han and Tobias Beckett from Mimban.

Then I also got the Solo version of the Millenium Falcon with a bunch of great minifigures.   

Lastly we have this great Marvel Legends Gwenpool figure. I love that you can set her up to take a selfie!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 here I come

Well i broke at the Box Lunch store and bought another Ban Dai realization figure of a Stormtrooper in the Samurai style sooooooooo cool.

Had to snag these dorbz as we don't get much Tron and Rocketeer stuff and because Xenomorphs are awesome.

Black Friday sale had this masterpiece Road Rage and I love the look of it so I picked up a great transformer for a great price.

New wave of Predator minimates at TRU.  I dont really care about the human figures but love the alternate versions of Predator.

This was a stupid Walgreen's breakdown.  I bought this two pack because I liked the Cloudraker figure......sometimes I have a small problem with self control when it comes to toys.

New Walgreen's wave of minimates had to be snagged because mostly I wanted the Cap in the hulkbuster armore.  I kept the Miles Morales, Captain Marvel, and Red Hulk but not the others.

I love SW legos and love it when there are sets that are EU inspired.  This is a sandspeeder instead of a snowspeeder.

Not the biggest fan of Pop Vinyls but when they aren't human they are great like Merman, Orko and Skeletor!

And of course I can't pass up vintage Tron stuff.

This Lego Boba Fett is simply amazing.  Sorry not to wordy this post!

Had to pick up this one as it is one of the few figures of old EU stuff we will get now that Disney is in charge and this is my daughter's namesake!  Love this figure!

This was my Christmas present.  I snagged a bunch of Kre-o Transformers on Ebay and my wife gave them to me for Christmas.  I am still a little obsessed with these little guys. 

Cool Black Panther minimates super excited for the movie in a few weeks.

I like jet legos and so I snagged this Black Panther lego set because of the ship but also because I love minifigures.

Luke's hut from Ahch-to that even came with a Porg!

Some micro fighters and other minifigures from a set that I didn't want the little gun thing.

Love the fact that they did a lego set of this from the Last Jedi GO SEE IT it is amazing.

I used to have a masterpiece Grimlock that I sold (STUPID ME) so I snagged this new power of the primes Grimlock which is awesome.  I also picked up a Swoop and a Slug (other Dinobots) today but haven't pictured them yet. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Slightly Slacking

I don't know why, considering I have more time now then I have had in the last two years, but I keep getting behind in posting so since there is a butt load here I am going to make it quick.  So Mega Blocks did a series of figures from different properties so here is He Man and Skeletor

Alien xenomorph and colonial marine.

Borg and Captain Picard.  I don't know why but I am simply obsessed with different minifigures.

I found some great deals on these Ban Dai Star Wars figures based on Japanese Samurai, here is a royal guard. (AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously can't say enough good about these figures)

Got a great deal on this convention glow int he dark loyal subjects trap jaw.

Also got this on clearance at the megalopolis store front in Springville (they moved up toe Salt Lake county recently)

I also snagged this Twinferno at Megalopolis before they moved.

The premier of toys for the Last Jedi saw me purchasing this Kylo Ren Tie Fighter.

The Porg is the new cute thing and here's hoping it isn't a Jar Jar kind of thing cause they are adorable.

These are the only two figures I picked up that night because I have to reign in my figure buying cause there is just too many. This is Jedi Master Luke and Jedi in Training Rey.

Had to snag this cool new Resistance Bomber.

And of course the resistance transport pod (mostly so I could get a Rose minifig)

Love this movie so had to snag this minimate set.

Clearance sale at so I got these new BTTF sets.

More clearance so again got these other Gotham sets.  I like the show but not enough to pay full price on these sets.

Walgreens did a wave of Thor Ragnarok minimates so I snagged those. You have Gladiator Hulk, Valkyrie, Thor, Loki, the Grandmaster, and Skurge.

Comic Con was of course a great weekend for my collection here are some Mario figure sets.

I also got this knock off masterpiece type transformer called Grump (actually called Gears)

I got this Dorbz Rides Skeletor and Panthor

This is also made by Funko and is called Vinyls and is Trap Jaw and Heman so I snagged this one for cheap.

Then I discovered these SDCC exclusive Transformers Kre-o sets that are meant to look like yearbooks and have all the G1 characters that came out in '85.  I snagged this one on ebay and you can see all the goodness is came with in the next pictures.

As I love minigirues I got these ones of the Teen Titans, They have swappable parts and I just like the look.

These were on sale at TRU so I snagged these other Guardians of the Galaxy 2 lego sets.

On clearance at a random toy store at the mall I snagged this Rey for 12 bucks.

After I found that previous Kre-o set I bit the bullet and bought the more expensive exclusive from the year before for all the G1 from '84. This began my new obsession with getting a buttload of Kre-o figures and I'm sure I haven't taken pictures of all of them.

Again my Kre-o obsession led to this purchase on Amazon of a GI Joe set mostly because I wanted the Hiss Tank.

More Vinyls this time of Lino-o and Mumra

Also picked up this Voltron pop vinyl.

Also this exclusive flocked Beast man.

This dorbz set was also a must mostly because it had Snarf in it.

At Barnes and Noble found a cool Gundam on sale so picked that up because I love putting these together.

TRU wave 24 never showed up at my store which forced an Ebay purchase (UGH) but love the Gwenpool, Collector, and Carrion which are all never been minimated before and I love the new Scarlet Spider as well.

I love the movie Beetlejuice so I had to snag this minimate set.

Black Friday had this Mega Construx set on sale of Gyrados.  I like the look of these even though I am not a big Pokemon collector.

Found this at Target and had to get this updated version of Windcharger as it was one of my favorites as a kid.

This is a new series of toys at the Disney Store called Toy Box. I love this Rey figure because it looks like the Disney Infinity figures.