Thursday, September 27, 2007

Its raining GI Joes (and other toys)

Well I went to Toys R Us today with Kenny and it is a good thing he was with me because as I am looking at the GI Joes and complaining about how they don't ever get any new ones he spies further down the aisle not even with the Joe stuff the new TRU exclusive three pack Land Sea and Air set. This set comes with first here we have Deep Six who is the best looking of all the scuba guys I have and my favorite from this set.
Then we have Backblast which is just like a redo of Grand Slam with blonde hair and desert gear Long Range's weapons but still cool.
Lastly we have Barrel Roll which is like a redo of sky attack Duke but with a cool new head. This is a great jey pack figure!
And to top off my TRU visit I found the last BSG titanium ship I need which is a modern Cylon Raider and even cooler it is the Scar Raider! If you don't know what that means then shame on you because you should be watching this show!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

25th anniversary wave 2

Well Warlmart today on top of having some new Cars toys to pick up for Xander they had teh GI Joe 25th anniversary wave 2 so I picked up this Beachhead which was one of my favorites as a kid.
and then I had to get this Serpentor becaue he was one of those figures as a kid that I wanted oh so bad but could never get. I also was going to purcahse Lady Jaye but the two I found today had bent cards which is crappy because a lot of the walmart 25th figures have had bent cards so hopefully I can find a LJ soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Real American Heroes

Well my frustration continues that I still haven't found Lockdown despite new waves coming out of GI Joes. But don't get me wrong I was excited to find the new wave of Combat Squad Joes. This first figure is somewhat of a mystery to me because I got a Recondo figure two months ago with a crocodile (you remember the picture from constantly checking my toy blog right?.........) as part of the Adventure team well this figure is names Recondo but he has a completely different face and head so it must be a different chracter so I bought it. On closer inspection though the head is actually Tunnel Rat's head with different color hair! Anyways the figure is still cool because of the cool camo gear.
This was the one from this wave that I was excited about. It is Lt Torpedo who is as close as they have come so far to SEAL one of my favorite vintage joes. This is just a repainted Sea Ops Duke but he is still way awesome. The third figure in this wave was Sgt Boulder but he looked to much like Heavy Duty so I didn't buy him (but knowing me I probably will eventually). Anyways YO JOE!

Friday, September 21, 2007

FREE TOYS (and another that wasn't free)

So I get home from work today and there is a manilla envelope for me from Diamond Select Toys (the distributor for minimates) and inside what do I find but FREE minimates! I got a modern Cylon (I beleive this was a promo mate sent out before the actual realease of these mates, and the other is the HUNT MATE! This year at SDCC there was a contest where contestants entered and they were given this minimate that they had to scavanger hunt throughout the convention and take pictures of this little guy doing a bunch of stuff. Then at the end you turned in your pictures and your hunt mate and the winnder of that contest gets all of the minimates for the next year for free!!!! Ayways most people were mad because they had to turn in their hunt mates but now I got one and other people have been getting them (I have read on my minimate forum) as well. It also came with a letter thanking me for being a DST customer and gave me a coupon code good till the end of the year to use on their website for 10% off. COOL STUFF!
Well I was Orem Walmart today and lo and behold I found a Toxic Zartan which I was going to buy oh so long ago when I thought it was coming out but I never found one and so I broke down and bought the 15$ other Zartan figure. This here figure though is released with the one other elusive figure I have been searching for and that is Lockdown but they did not have that one today just this one and I just broke down and bought it because I think it is a cool one and it has water squirting capabilities. These are the best GI Joe figures ever I love em!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well the second wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends didn't really have any figures that I just had to have but if I was going to buy any of them it would be this Thor figure because he is really cool looking. But there was never a reason to buy him until two things happened, first I got my Avengers minimates which gave me an inkling for Thors and then I got that Loki Marvel Legends on clearance and to compliment that bad guy I figured I should get this figure. You can also see in the frame behind Thor the new sheet of Marvel stamps from USPS that I got a little while ago. I wish they would make a roll of just the Iron Man stamps that would be awesome (accept I don't send much stamped mail).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mara's adorable smile

This is a picture of me, Xander and Mara playing video games at the cabin this last weekend. I took my PS1 down to leave there for gaming fun and this pic is here because Mara's smile is so sweet.

Beam me up Scotty!

Well you have already seen my Star Trek minimates but someone on the minimate forum I frequent put up a pdf that you could download and print to make this cool transporter display so I beamed all over that!
We went to the cabin this last weekend and our car was overheating and so I drove down the Walmart in Ephraim and kaching I found this Colonial Viper Mach II that says Capt Lee Adama Appollo on the side!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I just can't stop!

Well Xander is always wanting to be Jango Fett on the SW Lego game and so I figures I should probably get this Galactic Heroes set of Obi Wan and Jango so that Xander could play with this figure.
We were at Hammond Toys in the University Mall of all places and I found this Classic Cylon Raider Titanium and I just had to get it.
SW legos are always expensive and this set was no exception. I think it was the most overpriced of any SW set I have purchased but I still had to get it (mostly because I have a 10% off coupon for TRU) so I got this exclusive Hoth set with a Snowspeeder, Echo Base, a gunner station, a probot, and mechanic's station, an e-web and a bunch of figures including the exclusive K3PO, and Dack Ralter!


Alrighty then well it has been a very good couple of days for toys here. Her we have my Avengers wave of minimates variant of Bearded Thor which came in the mail from ebay!
We also had my DC wave 5 show up and here we have Hawkgirl adn Hawkman.
Here we have Guy Gardner and Kilowog.
Here we have Ma Hunkel and Red Tornado.
And lastly we have Shazam! and Mary. Now just so you know I don't know a whole lot about the majority of these DC characters but I love minimates and I just simply have to have them!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Oh happy day. Well I went to TRU today and found that they had received some of the next wave of SW TAC figures (however I still need CZ-4 and the McQuarrie Vader figures) so I see this Boba Fett (from his first appearance in cartoon form on the SW Christmas Special) and I picked it up quick and then continued to shuffle through the other figures. Then when I took a closer look at the figure I discovered that it was an UGH figure. For those of you (most of you) who don't know what that means it stand for Ultimate Galactic Hunt which means this figure was made in very limited quantities and what makes it different is that Gold Plated wording on the package and the Gold coin instead of Silver! Super duper!
Well and here is a titanium of Colonial One from BSG, just had to have it.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Clearance oh how I love you!

Well my attraction to clearance toys is once again shown here as I purchase these three marvel legends figures for 1.50$ each! What a steal! The first is Blackheart which I always thought looked cool but never had a reason to buy. The other two Lady Deathstrike and Loki I never would have purcahsed if they weren't so cheap and now I only need two more pieces and I could finish the build-a-figure of Onslaught which would also be cool. Hopefully I will be able to find the last two figures in this wave for cheap to do that. This purchase does however make me regret selling a slew of ML figures about a year ago just to get some extra cash. . . . oh the regrets of selling toys :(

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

brains mmmmmmmmmm

Well my Zombie 5 pack of minimates came today! Here they are pictures with my previous zombie pack of daredevil and giant man. This awesome pack came with Colonel America, Spiderman (holding Wasp's head), Hulk, Luke Cage, and Wolverine. These guys are out for brains so watch yourself.