Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ready to Believe

So here is the first of the SDCC exclusives. This is from TRU and it is the We are ready to believe you Ghostbusters minimates set. This includes Ray, Egon and Peter from their commercial as well as a normal Dana Barrett. I have at least 3 more packages currently in the mail on their way to me so bring on the goodies!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lessen the sting

So this is a very depressing weekend because I am at home and not at SDCC. It is tru that there is lots of new toy news and we get to see the things that will be hotly anticipated until their release but its just not the same looking on the computer instead of being there. But to help ease the pain TRU got in the second wave of IM2 exclusive minimates and here we have the non-battle damaged Mark VI and a Ground Assault Drone.
And here we have Lt Col James Rhodes and an Air Assault Drone. Although the drones are should have been variations they look identical to me so really there are only two new minimates here which puts my total up to 855 but never fear there are at least 16 more coming to me in the next few weeks so stay tuned! On and by the way if you haven't watched the newest trailer for Tron Legacy please click here and check it out because it will BLOW YOUR MIND! I cannot wait for this movie and you should feel the same way!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More ESB love!

I have been waiting for this one since rumor of it leaked, like, forever ago! We went on a drive today up to Salt Lake and so I stopped by a TRU up there and what to my surprise should I find? The new Galactic Heroes AT-AT! This is a great looking toy with sound and action features and its cute to boot! I love getting toys I want that my wife also thinks are cool! Now they need a GH A-wing, B-Wing, and Y-Wing and I will be content.

Friday, July 16, 2010


So this summer's new wave of SW lego shops have hit and although there are a bunch of really cool ones, this is the one that I just had to have. This is the Hoth Wampa cave set. As you can see there is a Wampa (a first) and his cave where you can hang Luke upside down, a skeleton and a rip cage of some past animal meal. You also get a Snowspeeder wtih Zev Senesca.
That snowspeeder is the fourth version so far so here is a picture of all four versions of the lego snowspeeder thus far.
Yesterday was also MOTU day and Count Marzo showed up in the mail. Very cool looking, read on for his full bio. I am excited as next week is SDCC and they will be announcing a whole bunch of upcoming figures for this line!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something Strange

So the very very cool fourth wave of TRU Ghostbusters minimates has arrived. (These are even cooler to me as I have just watched the movies with my son and he loved them). First we have a rehash of Slimer and Venkman.
Next we have a Slime Blower Ray and the theater ghost which I would venture to guess used the most unique pieces of any minimate to date!
Then here we have the Subway Ghost and the Mayor.
And last we have Janosz and the Statue of Liberty which is now one of my all time favorites. If you take off the robe there is a tampo on the front of the minimate of the four GBs riding inside with pink goo oozing down. Very cool. Even when you think that is all there is for GB minimates there are atleast two more box sets still to come!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mandalore galore

So Star Wars The Clone Wars is a great show and yesterday I picked up some great figures from the show. The first here is Pre Vizsla who is the leader of Death Watch who duels it out with Obi-Wan. Mandalorians fall into the few categories of SW figures that I still gotta have!
And from the same episodes here is a Mandalorian Police Officer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Iron Man Galore!

It was a good week for Iron Man minimates and minimates in general. First off we have here the TRU exclusives that go along with the IM wave. Here we have the very very very cool looking Hulkbuster Iron Man along with a Gamma Hulk to fight with.
Then we have Betsy Braddock (who later becomes Psylocke) and Lockjaw (a character I am not really familiar with) which is cool to get the first Marvel dog type minimate (we already have a BSG one and a GB one).
Then we have a new version of Silver Centurion Iron Man along with long anticipated Crimson Dynamo!
Then we have Neo-Classic Iron Man and Stilt Man the tallest of all minimates! (I also bought an extra one of this pack at TRU so I added and extra set of legs to my Stilt Man so he is extra extra tall!)
Then we have the Variant for wave 36 which is the classic Mandarin and you also have modern Manderin and the army builder for this wave is Hydras Dreadnoughts! I love IM minimates and am glad there are still a couple more coming from the TRU IM 2 collection so stay tuned!

Old School

So Hasbro has done several waves of what they call the Vintage Collection which are new figures on reproductions of vintage cards. The new mail away figure for is shown on the sticker on the package and it is a missile firing Boba Fett made to look a lot more like the vintage figure. I have already sent in my upcs for this. So I didn't get all of the new wave of these because some of them were done in a previous vintage wave and to my glee TRU was having a buy one get one 50% off sale so the fact that these figures are more expensive than others was somewhat negated. Here we have Hoth Leia.
Here is a Cloud Car Pilot.
Then you have Echo Base Han Solo.
Dack Ralter
AT-AT driver
and 4-Lom. I really just like the look of these figures (except Dengar who looks really bad) and the packages are really cool.