Monday, March 30, 2009


Here we have Spock from the TNG episod Unification. This minimate was exclusive to this year's Toy Fair '09. I tried getting him on ebay but got outbid so thankfully I had a member on my minimate forum minijeff who traded me for this one so it was great to have him show up in the mail today from Canada. This is a great little exclusive. They have also started to announce the exclusive SDCC sets so I will be posting pictures of those when they become available!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well I was so excited that my TRU got the next exclusive minimate set since the last one (stealth IM) I had to buy online! So here we have Union Jack and Wonder Man, both are characters that I am unfamiliar with but they are minimates and thus they must be mine. TRU had some other new minimates but the way they released them makes it pointless to buy them at TRU since I am already getting them and more online when they get released in the next two weeks or so so stay tuned!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The one I loved to hate

Picked up some more Comic 2 packs and this first one has the ever great Wedge Antilles along with the expanded universe character that I loved to hate more than any other, and that is Borsk Fey'lya he is a Bothan who was just conniving and got in Leia's way in the New Republic government over and over again. When he died in the NJO series I was very happy but at the same time a little sad to not have this character around anymore to hate.
Then we have here Ki-Adi-Mundi (on the left) and Sharad Hett (on the right). Sharad is the father of a'Sharad who goes on to become Darth Krayt and since they have lightsabers I had to open them up to go on the characters with lightsabers shelf.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The best Transformer of them all, and great Walmart exclusives.

I was so excited today to finally pick up this Soundwave Mighty Mugg. Soundwave is by far my favorite transformer and I am so happy that they decided to put him in the first wave of TF Mighty Muggs, he is now my favorite Mighty Mugg of them all!
Then after only finding out about these sets a few days ago I found these Walmart Exclusive comic 2 packs. Here we have Ibitsam and Nrin Vakil who are both pilots from the Rogue Squadron comic series.
Here we have Janek Sunber and an Amanin alien from the Empire comic series and. . . . .
here we have a brave 3 pack of ewoks (who have great articulation on them) we have Keoulkeetch, Kettch and Nachook. You can even put the stormtrooper helmet on one of them! These are 3 of the best expanded universe packs yet. My favorite is the Rogue Squadron pack. I have yet to find a couple of these packs that I have known about for months so hopefully they show up sometime soon.

MU and GH

So I found and picked up the Marvel Universe Captain America and what a great looking action figure this is! Now I can wait for wave 2 and a second version of Iron Man!
Then I finally got the Galactic Heroes I have been looking for, namely my favorite pack here of this great looking Super Battle Droid and the oh so cute Luminara Unduli.

Then here we have Padme and Jar Jar Binks from the Bombad Jedi episode of the Clone Wars.

Then it took me a while but I finally decided to get this pack of Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress.
And a very awesome pack of a new mold of a Clone Trooper and this very cool looking Dwarf Spider Droid!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Minis and Mugg

So I get home from work last night and Breanne pulls out these little Star Wars Mini lego sets saying that she got them for Xander for Easter and I immediately questioned why she would not have got some for me, and my wife being the amazing and loving woman that she is then pulls out two more of the same sets from the bag that she got for me! So here we have the mini V-19 Torrent from the Clone Wars.
Here it is again in comparison with my hand and its big brother set in the background.
This was the other set (I couldn't get the picture to load the correct direction) this is General Grievous Starfighter which I don't have the big brother of.
Then here is the GG Mighty Mugg from wave 2 that I couldn't find in the store after I decided that I wanted it until now TRU got a shipment of some old ones in so I snagged him up.
Unfortunately he is a little too big to fit into his ship!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wolverine gonna be an awesome movie, already great toys!

So my good friend Billy got a hookup at TRU the other day and snagged me these freshly released X-Men Origins Wolverine toys. These are the comic versions of the characters that will be in the movie and this figure here is Deadpool (which is the same 3 3/4 size of the IMs I just got a few posts ago) and this is one the best action figures ever I love it.
Then you got a Gambit figure which of couse I love because I love Gambit but they have yet to make a Gambit that can really hold onto his playing cards. I can't wait for the upcoming minimate of Gambit that will become (along with the Deadpool minimate) my favorite little toys of all time.
Then I traded with a member on my minimate forum for this Evil Ryu minimate which now makes it so I have ALL of the Street Fighter minimates and shrinks my most wanted list down to 4 other minimates so hopefully those others will trickle in here soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shiny happy Destro

Well I got the Destro Mighty Mugg and it is simply awesome. His head is Chrome and the package is chromed too. This is just a unique and great looking toy.
His head is so reflective that you get Mara
and my favorite, Xander's reflections in his head!