Friday, June 28, 2013

We are the Borg.

So happy day, they are making more Star Trek minimates! Of course I wish they didn't rehash more characters that they have already done but I am happy to get more TNG and some from unvisited series. Here we have Picard and Hugh, the Borg who gets a sense of individuality.

Here is Picard and the Borg Queen from First Contact.

This is great that we got Janeway and Seven of Nine from Voyager. Both of them look great.

Then even though I didn't watch the show I got Archer and Xindi from Enterprise.  Now hopefully this series does well enough that we can get the rest of the TNG characters because I will buy that up in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day and a new member of the family!

So my wife collects Vinylmations and she showed me a pick of this Park Starz Rex from Star Tours a good while ago and I said that I would love it and then I forgot about it.  So she surprised me and got it for me for Father's Day.  She's the best!

Then for Star Wars weekends this year at Disney World they were celebrating the 30th anniversary fo ROTJ and one of the exclusives (limited to 1983 funnily enough) was this latex Salacious Crumb!  He comes with a little pillow to sit on.  Being one of my favorite characters this was a must have for me and it showed up in the mail today!  So welcome to the family Salacious!