Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barbatos not Barbados

I loved Battle Beasts as a kid and I love minimates now so combine the two and I love it! These were part of a comic book collections wave that showed up at TRU. I hope they make more but for now these two awesome characters are good (except I don't like the that neither of them can hold the shield) The shark is Spyrnus and the Giraffe is Ruminant.

Then I try my best not to be a completist with minimates so for the Civil War movie set I only picked up this pack because #1 I always buy the Iron Man minimates and then this is the first Black Panther movie minimate so it worked out well this was the only pack from this wave that I wanted. There is a second Civil War wave coming that I will get some from. 

As much as I would love to go to Barbados on vacation I will have to live with this new Gundam I got Barbatos.  This is the largest Gundam kit I have put together and I happened to get it during teacher appreciation week at Barnes and Noble so I got 20% off.  This one had a really cool internal frame that you assembled and the put on the outside armor.  I have just started watching Gundam for the first time so even though I like Gundam without the show, watching has increased my desire to have more!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nendoroid awesomeness!

While visiting a toy website I saw pictures of this awesome Megaman toy and it happened to be the day before Fan X so I searched and searched hoping to find it there. I found other figures from this series called Nendoroid (including a Mario and a Link) but didn't find the Megaman so I came home and found a good deal and ordered it on ebay.  The figure comes with lots of interchangeable parts including his face.  I love the look of this line, here's hoping they make more characters from Megaman.