Monday, March 9, 2015

Obscure toy from my childhood!

So I snagged the first Lego set from Avengers Age of Ultron because it had a Hulkbuster Iron Man!  Love that version of IM and it doesn't hurt that the set came with an Ultron Prime, Hulk and Scarlet Witch.  Can't wait for this movie!

So I was trying to remember this car toy I had as a kid that when you revved it up and let it go it would drive and the switch on the front when it hit a wall or something it would transform into a robot (like you see below) and drive back the other way!  I couldn't find what it was and then I described it to a my friend and he found what it was called which allowed me to find a great deal for one on ebay!  I love adding toys I had as a kid to my collection. 

These are called Pow R Trons and this one is called Fy-Ton.  Really weird and obscure but so cool!