Monday, August 31, 2009

Cylon invasion!

It is surprising but TRU got all of my BSG wave 2 sets to me in one piece. There are five sets in this wave and they came in four sepearte packages because apparently is run by a bunch of retards! This wave finishes off giving us all the rest of the human model cylons with a few others to round it off. Here we have our first versions of Tory and Anders and as you can see Anders has his tattoo on his arm so I got an extra set for Breanne to have her Starbuck and Anders together.
Here we have another version of Tyrol and a mortar pack Cylon. This is the mediocre pack of the wave.
Here we have Tigh with his eye patch which is great but the new Caprica versiont hey were going to do of him before would have been cooler but oh well! He comes with captivity Six which is of course a necessity for almost every wave of BSG so far!
Then we have Athena with a great looking new hair piece (especially compared to her first version) and she comes with a Cylon Centurion.
Then we have the fifth of the final five in Ellen and she comes with Simon thus giving us at least one minimate of all 12 human model Cylons. Now there will be some miniflyers coming out next month and then I think BSG minimates will be done which is sad since there are still some characters I want but hey I thought they were done before and here they are so here's hoping!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

All seeing!

Well once again we have a great looking MOTU figure from the Classics line and this is the last regular monthly figure as next month starts the Subscription program so I dno't have to go online and hope that I will get one of these as they are insanely popular. There will still be bonus figures I will have to go online for but the regular monthly releases will just be automatically sent to me Wahoo! Here we have Tri-klops with his doomseeker and a special skull ring that glows int he dark hidden in the package too. Mattel finally got smart and sent the figure in a smaller box that keeps the figure from getting damages in shipping so kudos to them as my Hordak was slightly damaged. I am still loving everything about the look of these figures it makes it difficult to not want to open them!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The best trade ever!

So after listing on my minimates forum some of the cool stuff I got at SDCC that I was willing to trade I got a message from a forum member named buttheadsmate and he offered me the one thing that was left on my most wanted list. . . but we will get to that in a minute. He also offered me the Rocky sets I wanted in exchange for some of the stuff I had and he felt my first offer was too generous and I still feel like his counteroffer was too much but I was selfish and took him up on it. I sent him A ghostbusters blank, the amazon ghostbusters game ghosts, Unification Spock, and General John Conner and I got this Rocky 1 set with Workout Rocky, Boxing Gear Rocky, Mickey, and Adrian (along with the most important slab of meat).
I also got this 2 pack of Rocky and Adrian that I decided to just keep in its package. This set is unique in that it contains a pair of ice skates!

The most wanted item was to get a Tactical Batman minimate as he was the last on my list of HUGE wants. The deal was oh so much sweeter because although I just wanted the minimate he traded me as well the whole Batcopter C3 set that it comes with so you can see the set in the back (I haven't put it together yet and might post pictures when I do)

But here he is, Tactical Batman with a whole bunch of kickin gear to take down any badguy. I thought this minimate looked cool from pictures but I never realized how awesome he was until now and to finally have him is so great because now I can concentrate on upcoming minimates instead of trying to complete my list of wanted past minimates! Thanks BHM!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of Lightsabers

So I got some really awesome expanded universe comic 2 packs today. This first one has a Yuuzhan Vong and Kyle Katarn. Kyle has been around in the EU for a long time and the Yuuzhan Vong showed during the NJO series and proved to be quite the formidable foe so it is really cool to have one as a figure.
Here we have Lumiya aka Shira Brie who was a character introduced in the Marvel SW comics and later reintroduced as an integral part of the fall of Jacen Solo into becoming Darth Caedus in the Legacy of the Force series and she has a lightwhip and comes with a Luke Skywalker with a normal lightsaber and a Shoto blade that is more effective in fighting the lightwhip.
Then another great set from the Legacy comics series we have the big bad Darth Krayt aka A'sharad Hett and an Imperial Knight in Sigel Dare. These are some great figures and I love to get characters from the stuff that I read as it brings it more to life.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Right on target

Thanks to my incredible forum and the fact that I waited in line for free stuff at comic-con I got this TRU exclusive two pack of Bullseye and Moonstone which hasn't hit my TRU yet and if it had is only one per case so if difficult to find. But I traded on my forum with vbpanizzi the four afx keychains that I got at SDCC and he sent this on Saturday and boom here it is here today heck yeah! I should be getting another group of stuff in the mail for a trade here soon and it will almost completely obliterate my want list. I am very rapidly closing in on not needing to get anymore past minimates only upcoming ones!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I, Jedi

Walmart has a new build a droid wave of 2packs that if you buy them all you can get the Dark Trooper Droid which you can see the chest piece contained in this package here. But as is so often the case most of the wave is stuff I don't care about or stuff I already have. This pack was one that I had to have (despite how expensive it was) because it has Corran Horn and his R2 astromech Whistler. Corran is a Rogue Squadron pilot as well as a Jedi and is one of my favorite characters in the SW universe. Not to mention his children with Mirax have been a big part of the new Fate of the Jedi series. One of the other packs has the droid I5YQ which is a great character from several books but he comes with a Darth Maul that I don't want so I don't want to pay soooo much for just one figure so this will be the only pack I buy (unless of course these packs go on some crazy clearance).
I also picked up this Klatooinian Jedi Tarados Gon who fought at the battle of Geonosis because as you may have forgotten I have a shelf of jedi and other characters with lightsabers so this guy had to be added to that collection.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Firepower of this Magnitude!

So last year Lego did a Fan's choice poll for people to vote on which set they would like to see made in the SW line. I voted and the set I voted for was the winner and was just released this last week as a TRU exclusive and so here we ahve Home One the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser!
You have the best new Lego figure ever in Admiral Ackbar in his swivel around command chair on the command deck looking down on. . . .

The Death Star II briefing. Here we have two new characters in Mon Mothma and General Crix Madine. We also have a new version of Lando. I love the little red DS ball.
The best function of this set is this hangar bay which has an A-wing in it but it has a bar on the bottom that can pull out and twist the A-wing like a launching function! It is the coolest play function on any lego set I have ever owned and makes this set worth every penny. . . . .(well just about anyway).