Monday, December 28, 2009

Joyeux Noel

Well Christmas has come and gone and the next two pictures are the only two actual toys I got on Christmas day but they are great ones!  Thanks Breanne!  Here we have the MOTU Classic King Randor.  His package reads, "King Miro's second born son, Randor, Came of age during the Great Unrest, a time when conflict returned to Eternia following the Count Marzo Uprisings and the subsequent betrayal by his half brother Keldor. After the disappearance of his father, Rnador was appointed Captain of the Guard and lead Miro's troops in battle against Keldor's growing rebellion. Randor eventually ended the battles by fatally wounding Keldor and locking his evil warriors behind the Mystic Wall. For this act he was appointed King by the Council of Elders. King Randor raises his staff, exulting his rule over all Eternia."

Then here we have The Goddess who was the bonus figure for this month.  Her card reads, " After the death of King Grayskull, the Power of the Universe was transferred from the Sword of He to the Council of Elders who hid it deep within his castle. Knowing the full sword was the key to channeling the power, they split it in two to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. For five centuries they waited for a worhty heir to be born. during this time their spirit guide, the creature known as "The Goddess" of Eternia, trained secret heroic guardians to keep the two halves of the sword separated. Many of these brave warriors took the name"He-Man" in honor of the sword they protected - giving birth to many different legends of hte porector of Eternia." I really hope my woes are over with as this month I got a duplicate Randor (GRRRRRR) and next month starts a new subscription with Princess Adora, here's hoping that getting these figures will be easy from now on.
So a moderator of my minimates forum Shanester saw from a post that I was interested in Xevoz, a great toy line from several years ago that sadly got cancelled, and he offered to send me an extra one he had for free!!!! What a great guy!  So this came in the mail today and it is a great skeleton warrior guy, very cool and articulated figure!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last minimates of the year!

Well I got my last bunch of minimates in the mail, so I am all done with new minimates till 2010. First off we have two Action Figure Express exclusive sets. Here we have the X-men from their very first appearance in comics. You have Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast.
Next we have those same characters but in their guise as members of X-Factor, so you have Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops, and Beast.
Then I got my TRU exclusive set today based on the classic comic Secret Wars. You ahve Symbiote Bond Spidey, The Beyonder, Dr Doom, and Photon. There will be more characters to flesh out this group in upcoming waves of TRU minimates but for now the year of minimates has come to an end!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My favorite kind of trip to the toy store!

So I go to TRU yesterday before I go into work and I go down the lego aisle and see that they are seriously restocked so I gander at the SW legos of course per usual and I see a couple of small Hoth battle sets that are new (I will probably get them eventually) and then a Speeder ship from an episode of SWTCW and then I see something that makes this trip my favorite kind. I see a new SW lego set that I didn't know was going to exist and is something that I have loved ever since I played the Tie Fighter game with my friend Jared like 15 years ago! This here is the TIE Defender. It is in my opinion the coolest looking TIE and the solar panels all spin around the central cockpit. This is a very cool lego set and makes me happy to get this since I haven't purcahsed a couple other SW lego sets taht I really want I can live with just having this one. . . . .for now!
Then I went on over to the aisle where they have minimates because there is the TRU exclusive wave 5 I have been waiting for and to my delight these were also on the shelf. Here you have a set that will also be released in an upcoming wave but since both these guys have alternate versions I can display I bought them now and will use the upcoming pack to display the alternates. This is the Extremis Armor Iron Man and his long time nemesis Titanium Man from the Soviet Union!
Then here we have Old Man Logan which is pretty much the same as the one from the Wolverine TTA set but this one doesn't have an overcoat or blood on his hands and he comes with old man Hawkeye.
The coolest of the exclusive sets though is this set which I actually got in a trade with someone on my minimate forum. Here we have Cosmic Silver Surfer with the coolest board with a peg to attach him to it and a stand to make it look like he is flying and then power hands and he comes with Swordsman who I don't really know anything about but he still looks cool. Well as usual I have some more sets coming in the mail here in the next week so yipee!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To infinity and beyond

Here we have the last new DST release of minimates for the year (there are still some TRU sets to come). This is the Infinity Gauntlet which includes Drax the Destroyer, Adam Warlock, Thanos, and Mephisto. All very cool if obscure charaters.
Here we have Mara with her first Star Wars toy. A couple months after she was born I found this Barris Offee doll on clearance so I picked it up intending to give it to Mara. Now that Barris has been on several episodes of the Clone Wars which Mara watches with us I figured it would be a good time to give it to her since now she knows who the character is and likes Star Wars too. I wasn't here for the proud moment last night though when she asked if she could take the doll to bed with her, that's my girl!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

So I haven't posted for about a month now and well this hoard of new toys makes up for it. First here we have Scareglow from the MOTU classics line that was an insane headache to actually get despite my subscription with but I don't want to get into that as it makes me steaming angry. The card here says, "In life, Nul was a shift bounty hunter who spent years attempting to break into Castle Grayskull, obsessed with legends that within lay the power to become Master of the Universe. In death, he was cursed and banished into the dimension of Infinita - forever chained to his past crimes. He was brought back to Eternia by a magical spell of light cast by Skeletor to locate the most evil warriors int he five dimensions. Provided with a scythe of Doom, Nul agreed to join forces with Skeletor and quickly became known as "Scareglow" due to his ability to burst forth and freeze his enemies with fright." And yes he does glow in the dark! I love these figures as you all know they are amazing in sculpt and just everything so even though Mattel sucks sometimes I will continue to get these!
This is a promotional minimate of Goth Girl who I really know nothing about but if you posted a widget on your blog you were entered to win her and since she is a limited edition minimate I posted teh widget and I won her. She came a while ago I just haven't posted until now. The guy who writes these books used to work for Diamond Select and so he got them to make a minimates of the character from his book. Very cool.
This is the only GI Joe Rise of Cobra action figure that I bought and that was because I didn't want to get one and love it and then start buying a bunch more so I waited quite a while to buy this Flash figure because I thought he was cool and then I only bought him because he was on sale. He is a great figure and didn't make me want to go out and buy a bunch more so that is cool.
Now here comes the massive loot of minimates that I got in the mail today! Here is wave two of Terminator 2 minimates. We have the Asylum Assault T1000 with the Asylum Sarah Connor,Combat T800 with young John Connor, Battle Damaged Sarah Connor and Motorcycle cop T1000. This wave didn't get its corresponding TRU exclusive pack but this is still a great wave and as always the T1000s are amazing.
Here we have first the Previews exclusive pack of Ray and Glow in the Dark Slimer (I love the base on the Slimer). Then you have the 2 minimates that were new from the wave 2 boxset (the other two were duplicates of Ray and Winston) We have Gozer and a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with a new facial expression.
Here we have wave 29 of Marvel Minimates. This here ist he Variant WW II Wolverine with the X-Force Wolverine and then a Hydra Agent (shown in both its versions)
Next we have the amazing 90s cartoon version of Storm and then our first non living dead Black Panther (as the other version of BP was from the Zombies wave).
Then my favorite of the wave is Armored Daredevil and the super sweet Moon Knight!
Then we have wave 30 which includes Spider Girl and the Variant Ultimate Spiderwoman and then a Vault Guard shown in both its versions.
Then we have Scorpion with a great new mold for the tail on his back and the House of M Spiderman.
Then we have insulated Spiderman and Electro (a long anticpated Spiderman Villain along with Scorpion)
Then we have the next wave of BSG miniflyers and the last BSG minimates that will probably ever be made. This is a Viper with a Battle Damaged Starbuck.
Thern we have a Cylon Raider with a Red Stripe Cylon which were the Cylons that helped the humans in the final episode of the series. So there you have a few of my favorite things and an incredible pile of loot! I have more minimates coming in the mail so it won't be so long before I post again!