Sunday, December 13, 2009

My favorite kind of trip to the toy store!

So I go to TRU yesterday before I go into work and I go down the lego aisle and see that they are seriously restocked so I gander at the SW legos of course per usual and I see a couple of small Hoth battle sets that are new (I will probably get them eventually) and then a Speeder ship from an episode of SWTCW and then I see something that makes this trip my favorite kind. I see a new SW lego set that I didn't know was going to exist and is something that I have loved ever since I played the Tie Fighter game with my friend Jared like 15 years ago! This here is the TIE Defender. It is in my opinion the coolest looking TIE and the solar panels all spin around the central cockpit. This is a very cool lego set and makes me happy to get this since I haven't purcahsed a couple other SW lego sets taht I really want I can live with just having this one. . . . .for now!
Then I went on over to the aisle where they have minimates because there is the TRU exclusive wave 5 I have been waiting for and to my delight these were also on the shelf. Here you have a set that will also be released in an upcoming wave but since both these guys have alternate versions I can display I bought them now and will use the upcoming pack to display the alternates. This is the Extremis Armor Iron Man and his long time nemesis Titanium Man from the Soviet Union!
Then here we have Old Man Logan which is pretty much the same as the one from the Wolverine TTA set but this one doesn't have an overcoat or blood on his hands and he comes with old man Hawkeye.
The coolest of the exclusive sets though is this set which I actually got in a trade with someone on my minimate forum. Here we have Cosmic Silver Surfer with the coolest board with a peg to attach him to it and a stand to make it look like he is flying and then power hands and he comes with Swordsman who I don't really know anything about but he still looks cool. Well as usual I have some more sets coming in the mail here in the next week so yipee!

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