Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post Christmas goodness

My big present from my wife for Christmas was the Marvel NOW blind bag series of minimates.  THe counter display box came with the whole wave and a bunch of duplicates which I can trade or sell but the wave includes Deadpool 2099, X-23, Space Knight Venom and I took the extra to make him Flash Thompson, then you have the Chaser Silk, International Iron Man, Spider Gwen, Old Man Logan and Miles Morales Spiderman.  I don't necessarily care about all of them but most of them are a score!

My mother in law got me the other two Rogue One Legos I didn't have yet. This is the Tie Striker and
This is the amazingly cool U-wing.  I love this one and it came with some great minifigures of Cassian and Jyn among others. 

Love the beginning of the year because it means new lego sets.  I snagged these marvel micro racers!  I love the minifigures and the cool racers too.  Magneto and his magnet car, Wolverine and the X jet, Iron Man (which I adore because he is in classic colors) and his cool car and then Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet car.

The Disney store has these great Die Cast figures and so I couldn't pass up this K2SO because he is so awesome and it was on sale.  He was one of my favorite parts of Rouge One.

Lastly I snagged the TRU wave of Dr Strange minimates with Astral Form Dr Strange, Zealot, Kaecilius, Mordo, The Ancient One, and Doctor Strange. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

It's been a while, huh?

Rest assured I didn't get all this stuff in the recently I just have been a slacker at putting stuff on my blog and as I look at these pictures there are even things that I forgot to take pictures of but referring back to being a slacker I am just going to do the pictures I already took!  Here you have the TRU exclusive Ghosbuster minimates from the new movie Yates, Tolan, Gilbert and Holtzman.  I liked the movie and my daughter loved it enough to be Holtzman for Halloween.

Got more of the Loyal Subjects MOTU figures.  Luckily for me someone at TRU has popped open a few blind boxes so I could see the weapon inside (you still can't see the figure because it is in a baggie) so I was able to get two I didn't have. Here is Man-E-Faces (the one I wanted the most and the best looking of them all) and Stratos.

Someone on my minimate forum offered up this Skeletor one which was the last one I needed to complete the basic set.  I love the style of these just wish so much that they weren't blind boxed!

I snagged a Rebels two pack of figures (the first SW figures I have purchased in a while) because I wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar's character the Seventh Sister for my collection of Jedi and Sith.  The Maul was just a bonus with the purchase.

Lego Dimensions released some new sets for their games and I had to pick up the Sonic and the Gremlins packs because, well, I just really wanted them.  Good thing there was a BOGO sale cause these are ridiculously expensive!

ReAction has been putting out a lot of toys (second only to Pop Vinyls!)  and when I saw the two pack that had Ripley and the Power Loader and the Queen Alien (below)  it was another of those must haves! The figures are simple vintage SW type figure articulation but having so many diffeent properties represented by these toys makes them worth it.

TRU also release some Predator miniamtes, These are from Predator 2 you have the cloaked Predator and one whose camo is shorting out.  

I won a 10 year anniversary thing on the minimatemultiverse and I got Jay and Silent Bob zombie and the Ezekial figure (below) from the Walking Dead.  I got a bunch of other zombie parts as well.  It is cool to be part of a community like this!

So I love Smash Brothers Brawl and so when I saw this plush bendable Rayquaza at Walmart I had to have it.  My kids love it and so do I, it is a fun toy for everyone to play with!

There was a Lego sale at TRU buy one get one 40% off which is great for Legos so I snagged some more Rogue One legos. Here is the Hovertank with Chirrut Imwe (one of the best characters in the movie) and a Hovertank pilot.

With that purchase I got this AT-ST that comes with Baz, a Pilot and a Rebel Trooper.  This one is bigger and better looking than my old AT-ST so this will replace it.

Then at Walmart they had this set on clearance for 40% off and it was the one Batman V Superman set I wanted it was just too much at full price.  So I was super happy to get a discount.  It has Lex, Lois, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman along with a Lexcorp helicopter and the Batjet.

On a different sale day I also got Krennic's Shuttle with some great minifigures including Krennic, K2SO, Deathtroopers, Bodhi and Pao.  I will be getting the other Rogue One sets for Christmas so stay tuned.

After getting some Christmas money from my parents I went and got this Bat Gremlin from Gremlins 2 that I have been eyeing for a long time.  I love those movie and this is a great looking figure to go with the others I have.  Now if only I had a bunch of extra money to get the Spike Spider one!

Doesn't seem to be a good toy post without some minimates.  I got some big orders recently from so I snagged a Sophia and a Rosita loose on a sale price.

This is wave 3 of Aliens minimates this wave is based on Alien.  It has Ripley in her space suit as well as Dallas and Lambert in their space suites.  Then you have Ash normal and Ash with his head ripped off.  And of course what collection would be complete with out Ripley in her underwear! Then there is a space frozen Alien to boot!

Here we have the first Netflix Daredevil set with Claire, Matt, Kingpin, and Foggy.  I will be getting another set that has actual Daredvil in it (This one did too I just chose to display him as Matt instead)

Here is the Jessica Jones set with Luke cage, Patsy, the Purple Man and Jessica.  Can't wait for the Iron Fist and Defenders shows cause that only means more minimates!

Then we have some awesome comic book minimates. We finally have an Enchantress, Tigra, Mandroid, Black Knight, Shield Agent, Sunfire, and Blizzard.  I love getting these classic comic minimates.  I like the movie ones because I love the movies a lot but I would give ever having movie minimates again if they would do as many comic minimates as they do movie ones!

Great movie and excited to get some of the Dr. Strange minimates. Here is Steven Strange, Dr Christine Palmer, a Zealot, and Wong.

Then we have the second wave of Civil War minimates with a Mercenary, Crossbones, War Torn Iron Man, Agent 13, Secretary Ross, and Black Widow.  The wave also came with a cap but his leg broke right out of the package!

Lastly I got this Aliens APC tank from TRU,  I love those movies so much so pretty much anything from that in minimate form is going to make it into my collection.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Who you gonna call? He Man?

Some TRU Exclusive minimates to complement the upcoming wave 3 from Alien. You have Kane in his spacesuit a Xenomorph and then Lieutenant Gorman frmo Aliens.

Lucky to find the new Marvel Legends Deadpool at the store because they are going for way to much online.  Not the biggest fan of the look of his face here but can't pass up a great Deadpool figure!

Walgreen's exclusive wave that was elusive at the store but I got for roughly the same price on eBay.  You have Shield armor Spiderman, Power Princess, Iron man, Nighthawk, Spiderknight, Man Thing, and Powerman.  I love that we are getting some never before made characters in these waves, just wish the regular waves came out as often as the Walgreens ones!  There are two more waves announced so more to come from Walgreens!

Rogue One toy premier was midnight September 29th so I had to go. I only snagged two figures (Getting the legos for Christmas)  I had to get this Sabine figure to add to my collection of Mandolorians!

Of all the figures from the new movie this was the one I had to snag because I like the look of K-2SO the droid from the upcoming movie. This one I left in its package as the packaging sample for my collection.

TRU had the minimates for the new hilarious Ghostbusters movie which is good since I didn't want to buy the whole wave.  So you have Holtzman, Gilbert, Yates, and Tolan.  Great movie so had to add these with all my other minimates Ghostbusters.

So I got that two pack of these Loyal Subjects MOTU figures of Beast Man and Trap Jaw at SL Comic Con a month ago and now the blind boxes showed up at TRU so I picked up two boxes out of a brand new case and AAAAAAAUUURURURUGHGHGHHGHG I got TWO duplicate Beast Mans!!!!  I was so pissed I wasn't going to buy more but decided to risk is and got Triklops, He Man and Man At Arms.  So good that I didn't more duplicates but unfortunately I didn't get the two I really want (Skeletor and Man E Faces) So I may have to go to eBay so that I don't get more duplicates.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Comic Con how I love thee, let me count the ways.

Clearance item, Boba Fett bam boom into my collection.  I am not the biggest fan of these mashable characters but this one looks cool so I snagged it.

So glad that TRU added this wave of TMNT minimates because otherwise I would have to get them in blind bag which is lame.  Here you have Casey in a spacesuit, a Kraang, Salamdarian, and Bishop.

Then we have fun new versions of Leo and Donnie and then space suit versions of Raph and Mikey (already have the Space suit Leo and Donnie fyi)  I love that Donnie comes with a welders mask. They do a great job with the accessories. Leo came with some comic books of the different cartoons that they watch during the show!

This was the Civil War TRU exclusive pack (the rest of the wave I have on order at Lukes Toy Store.  Here you have Falcon and Antman. I love that Falcon comes with a little Redwing!

Here is the new Titans Return Headmaster Blaster. I love Blaster and Soundwave but they haven't made a lot of cool Blaster stuff so I had to snag this one.  I love his boom box version too (see below)  He is a bit hollow and light which is a bummer I wish he had more weight but he looks really great.

Now that we have Amazon Prime and I was ordering something else I figures I would snag this set on clearance because I wanted Maestro and Joe Fixit versions of the Hulk. This is the Hulk Through the Ages set.  I love the accessory that Maestro comes with the Iron Man Helmet, Cap Shield, and Mjolnir.

At Comic Con this year I snagged some great knock off lego minifigures of Green Arrow, Rogue, Spidergwen and Psylocke.

I also snagged the Pop vinyl of Rush because I love Megaman stuff and have nothing of Rush. He is cutre (even though like the Mashables I don't really care much for Pop Vinyls this one is cool.) It is also frustrating how many booths are nothing but Pop vinyls they are taking over everything.

Then I found ag reat booth that was seling these cool new Loyal Subject mini MOTU figures.  This Trap Jaw and Beast man set looks great, can't wait to get it open and see what the quality is like.

Then My holy grail from this con is this MOTU filmation version of Trap Jaw. Breanne tried to order it on Mattycollector when it came out but their website had problems and she didn't get it so when I found this one for less than what they are going for on ebay I was stoked.  Love, love love these MOTU figures!

Friday, August 12, 2016


My toy collecting habits have become quite diverse over the years while more focused thus creating an amalgamation of toys that I collect.  I collect specific things, things I like, and things that are new and cool.  Yet I limit what I buy to things that I believe I won't want to get rid of in the future.  Here you have Disney store exclusive Rey and BB-8 figures.  They are similar to the black series in size and articulation but they are made mostly out of metal so they have some serious weight to them.  This figure was a purchase to replace the fact that I want the 3 3/4 figure of Rey with a lightsaber but the chances of me finding her at the store at this point are slim so I picked up this great figure.

This was a clearance buy.  I really like the look of these Lego character figures so when I found this Poe at 50% off I had to snag it!  Now I need a clearance general Grievous!

I am not, in general, a fan of the Po Vinyl figures but when it comes to Mega and Protoman I had to snag them! I  love the look of Protoman but not really the face of Megaman.  These are still great little figures.

I still love building toys and I love Gundam so when I find one that I like the look of I snag it.  This is from Build Gundam so they are all custom fighters. This one is Exia and will not be the last Gundam I buy!

I like the show Gotham but didn't get any of the minimates because the box sets were like 23$ so when this one showed up on clearance on amazon for 11 I grabbed it!  You have Oswald Cobblepot, ALfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, and Selina Kyle with her little Kitty that Melody didn't want to give back to me, she loved playing with it!

Lastly we have the newest wave of TRU minimates. This is a Deadpool themes wave so I was very excited!  You have Hulkpool (irradiated by the Red Hulk) First Appearance DP, FA Wolverine, Deadpool Now, and Spiderman dressed up like Cable.  One thing is for sure I cannot get enough minimates!