Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Who you gonna call? He Man?

Some TRU Exclusive minimates to complement the upcoming wave 3 from Alien. You have Kane in his spacesuit a Xenomorph and then Lieutenant Gorman frmo Aliens.

Lucky to find the new Marvel Legends Deadpool at the store because they are going for way to much online.  Not the biggest fan of the look of his face here but can't pass up a great Deadpool figure!

Walgreen's exclusive wave that was elusive at the store but I got for roughly the same price on eBay.  You have Shield armor Spiderman, Power Princess, Iron man, Nighthawk, Spiderknight, Man Thing, and Powerman.  I love that we are getting some never before made characters in these waves, just wish the regular waves came out as often as the Walgreens ones!  There are two more waves announced so more to come from Walgreens!

Rogue One toy premier was midnight September 29th so I had to go. I only snagged two figures (Getting the legos for Christmas)  I had to get this Sabine figure to add to my collection of Mandolorians!

Of all the figures from the new movie this was the one I had to snag because I like the look of K-2SO the droid from the upcoming movie. This one I left in its package as the packaging sample for my collection.

TRU had the minimates for the new hilarious Ghostbusters movie which is good since I didn't want to buy the whole wave.  So you have Holtzman, Gilbert, Yates, and Tolan.  Great movie so had to add these with all my other minimates Ghostbusters.

So I got that two pack of these Loyal Subjects MOTU figures of Beast Man and Trap Jaw at SL Comic Con a month ago and now the blind boxes showed up at TRU so I picked up two boxes out of a brand new case and AAAAAAAUUURURURUGHGHGHHGHG I got TWO duplicate Beast Mans!!!!  I was so pissed I wasn't going to buy more but decided to risk is and got Triklops, He Man and Man At Arms.  So good that I didn't more duplicates but unfortunately I didn't get the two I really want (Skeletor and Man E Faces) So I may have to go to eBay so that I don't get more duplicates.

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