Saturday, August 10, 2013

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth, Rokkon Stonedar!

Ok so this wraps up the SDCC 2013 exclusives.  Last years Mattel exclusive was lame, but this year they hit a home run.  You have Rokkon and Stonedar the comet warriors!  You can read the bios below.

Here they are folded up in their rock form.

Here is a better shot of what they look like with their rock pieces on and one without the pieces on.  Although this toy line rocks I can't afford to buy them all so unfortunately there is only 4 announced at this point between now and next march that I care about so there won't be many posts about this line. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Best toy ever!

My toy sense served me well today as I showed up at TRU just as they opened and was able to get the last of the Masterpiece Soundwaves that they had.  Soundwave being my favorite of all the Transformers this is the ultimate of all TF toys for me.  Here is tape deck mode.

Here he is with the 5 (the Japanese version only came with 3) tapes in their little cassette cases.

He also came with a Megatron gun and an Energon cube.

Here he is in his glorious robot mode.

 Here are the 5 tapes transformed
Here he is with the 5 tapes transformed.

 So there is Buzzsaw



Frenzy and Rumble

Frenzy and Rumble with their earthquake pylons

And the whole group together (Buzzsaw is inside Soundwave).  This is one of those purchases that reminds me why I love toys. I have seriously cut back on what I buy and have sold a lot of stuff but I am glad I got this one and he will never leave me!  Thank you Hasbro!