Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reasons Part 5

So continuing my reasons to be excited about SDCC (that would be the San Diego Comic-con for those of you not in the know) I collect the Masters of the Universe Cartoon Box sets which includes the old school series which I have all of, and the 2002 Mike Young Production series which was 39 episodes. I have the first two box sets (seen on the bottom left and right of the picture) and the third set is scheduled to come out on August 5th and will look like the top left corner of this picture. However as a bonus for SDCC the week before it is available at normal retail you can buy it at the Mattel booth with an exclusive King Grayskull cover, seen on the top right of the picture. Very very cool.
Then here we just have another new picture of the King Grayskull figure that I will also be buying at the Mattel booth!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Autobots roll out!

So I go in to TRU today totally thinking that all I would do would be to buy a sixth Indy figure but lo and behold there was a bunch of new stuff! First they had the first wave of Marvel Transformers and so I snagged the only one I care about and here he is in Jet mode.
and here he is in Iron Man mode! This is a good quality easy to transform toy I love it! This is much much better than the megamorphs they made last year.
Here we have the next wave of G1 Robot Heroes. This is Hound and Blitzwing.
Here is Sunstreaker and Galvatron. I love these little guys and know they have a few more planned to come out but I hope they keep making these G1 ones for a good long time cause they are awesome.

I thought I'd lost you boy.

So I was so excited when I saw pictures of this third wave of Indiana Jones figures from the Last Crusade movie. Here we have the best so far of the Indy figures and one of the best action figures EVER (since I don't have any other Sean Connery figures) Henry Jones! Complete with his grail diary, brief case, and umbrella and just such a cool figure I LOVE IT!
Then we have Young Indy in his Scout uniform very cool.
And how could I pass up the Grail Knight and all of his can't even heft my swordedness.
Then here we have the Cairo swordsman who is actually from the first wave and I bought him because if you buy six of thesxe 3 3/4 inch figures you can send away for an exclusive crystal skeleton figure with a throne. This here makes five so I still need to buy one more so I can send away I just haven't decided which other figure I want this figure looks cool but he is just part of one of the best Indy scenes of them all.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Flash didn't come fast enough!

So there are very few minimates that I want but don't have and in 2004 when they did the C3 sets there were three sets that eluded me. First was the single Flash miniflyer which longtime visitors to my blog will know I got a while ago in a trade with a member of the minimate forums. The second set was the Batcopter with a tactical Batman figure that I still don't have, and the last was the Javelin Miniflyer with a different version of Flash (seen here) and Martian Manhunter. So recently I found a seller on Ebay selling all three of these minimates without the vehicles (which ultimately are not important to me) So I bid on these auctions and this is the only one that I won and despite recent bids on ebay for him upwards of 15 dollars I got this one for 4.40$! I wasn't home when the Batman auction ended so I got outbid and the Martian Manhunter I kept bidding on but gave up at 20$! So those two remain elusive for me but hey I got one that I didn't have so I was happy (I also won a bunch of other duplicates from the same seller for a buck each so that was cool). But this figure came out in 2004 and I have been searching for a good deal since so I am glad that my wait yielded a good price for him.
We went to Walmart on Saturday and they had a display up with these new Walmart Droid Factory packs. There are six of these packs and each pack comes with a piece to build C-3PX who is the evil assassin droid from the Droids comic book series that I have. The other sets either didn't interest me or only had figures that I already have so this was the only half way interesting set because first it is Vader and second it has a droid K-3PX who is described on the package as the protocol droid in the service of the evil Darth Vader determined to crush the Rebel Alliance and since I have never seen this droid before I figured I would pick this set 2 of 6 up so that I would have atleast one set from the series and atleast one piece of C-3PX (it is his weaponized arm).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Frakin Toasters

So here is just an awesome picture of a classic and modern Cylon face off that I found.
So as you know they have stopped making the Sigma 6 size GI Joe figures so when I find one that I don't have I tend to pick it up like a lost 100$ bill. Here we have a very cool Samurai Snake Eyes. His shield shoots a disk and his armor is just really cool looking.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy Frakalakadingdong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there was a teaser in the last Toyfare for a new lego set and I have now procured pictures of said set and it is a good thing to know about this set in advance because I must start saving now in order to get this must absolutely have set. I don't know when this will be out but holy cow it is awesome lets take a tour shall we!
So you can see the control room on top left with R2 and C3PO, then below is the gun station with the gunners, and below that is the trash compactor. Then on the top right is the "bridge" with Tarkin and Darth Vader, Then below that is the detention cell block, then below that is the room where Obi Wan turn off the tractor beam.
Then flip around to the other side yes that's right this thing is 360 degrees! Top left are the guns, then below that is the Emperors throne room, then below that is the chasm that Luke and Leia swing across. Then on top right and bottom right both look like droid repair places and then middle right is a docking bay.
Then we have all the minifigs that come with this set! HOLY COW! I can't beleive the awesomeness that is this set! Oh boy little Pat is jumping for joy here this is the coolest lego set EVER!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The end of a good thing.

So it was announced a while ago that this the eighth wave of DC minimates would be the last. This makes me sad becasue it means the end to a line of minimates, however I am not a huge DC fan so a lot of the characters I don't even know about and it also frees up what I would spend on future waves of these to get other things so it is a two edged sword. Here we have Sinestro and Salaak from the Green Lantern stories. The Salaak figure is unique among minimates in that he has an elongated body to accomadate his four arms, this is a very cool minimate.
Here we have Red Son Superman and Wonder Woman which is based off of a series of what would have happened if some of the super heroes were from Russia instead of the United States? Cool looking variations of figures is what would happen!
Then we have the modern era Batwoman and the Question (whose head turns around so you can actually have a face on the figure)
Then we have from the Teen Titans, Raven and Cyborg. So there you have it the end of DC minimate (atleast until my next post when I will have received a really old C3 set figure that I just won on Ebay, stay tuned!)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do the Dew

First a good example of patience. This is My First Batmobile which is pretty big and holds my Playskool Batman in it. It has sounds and fires missiles andhas wings that pop out. This is normally 30$. I found it last week at Target on clearance for 15$ and thought that was a screaming deal but I told myself that since they had a few that I could wait and if they still had more when it got marked down again I would get it and voila, we went back a few days ago and it was only 8$ Booyah! I love finindg great things on clearance and Mara loved racing it around when we got home.
So if you have seen the movie Transoformers then you will remember that at the end a Mountain Dew vending machine transforms into a robot and Dispensor was born! It would be great if they made an actual toy of this but for now I will live with just the Robot Heroes version of him. If you know me then you know that I LOVE Mountain Dew so a crossover of toys with my favorite drink is great.
Just to illustrate my love of the Dew here in my toy room there are these bottle pinned to the roof of several different flavors. My favorite being Live Wire which is only available in Salt Lake County (so I get some every time we go up there). You also have Game Fuel, Code Red, and regular Dew here. I wish they still made Pitch Black cause that was good and Taco Bell has a Baja Blast flavor that is awesome.
Then this week I was told by a coworker that there were new flavors so I quickly went out to the store and got the three new flavors. There is Revolution, Voltage, and Shockwave. These are flavors that you can go to and vote on which one you like best and keep it around. I love Mountain Dew I wish it had calcium like milk and was good for you so I could drink it all day every day and never feel any adverse effects!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shadow Stormtrooper

So a while ago I found Zev Senesca from this wave but it has taken me a while to find this figure which is a Shadow Stormtrooper from the Crimson Empire series. It is interesting that this figure also comes with a black collectors coin rather than silver or gold. Hopefully some stuff comes out here soon because I am going through new toy withdrawls :)