Monday, June 23, 2008

Flash didn't come fast enough!

So there are very few minimates that I want but don't have and in 2004 when they did the C3 sets there were three sets that eluded me. First was the single Flash miniflyer which longtime visitors to my blog will know I got a while ago in a trade with a member of the minimate forums. The second set was the Batcopter with a tactical Batman figure that I still don't have, and the last was the Javelin Miniflyer with a different version of Flash (seen here) and Martian Manhunter. So recently I found a seller on Ebay selling all three of these minimates without the vehicles (which ultimately are not important to me) So I bid on these auctions and this is the only one that I won and despite recent bids on ebay for him upwards of 15 dollars I got this one for 4.40$! I wasn't home when the Batman auction ended so I got outbid and the Martian Manhunter I kept bidding on but gave up at 20$! So those two remain elusive for me but hey I got one that I didn't have so I was happy (I also won a bunch of other duplicates from the same seller for a buck each so that was cool). But this figure came out in 2004 and I have been searching for a good deal since so I am glad that my wait yielded a good price for him.
We went to Walmart on Saturday and they had a display up with these new Walmart Droid Factory packs. There are six of these packs and each pack comes with a piece to build C-3PX who is the evil assassin droid from the Droids comic book series that I have. The other sets either didn't interest me or only had figures that I already have so this was the only half way interesting set because first it is Vader and second it has a droid K-3PX who is described on the package as the protocol droid in the service of the evil Darth Vader determined to crush the Rebel Alliance and since I have never seen this droid before I figured I would pick this set 2 of 6 up so that I would have atleast one set from the series and atleast one piece of C-3PX (it is his weaponized arm).

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