Sunday, June 15, 2008

The end of a good thing.

So it was announced a while ago that this the eighth wave of DC minimates would be the last. This makes me sad becasue it means the end to a line of minimates, however I am not a huge DC fan so a lot of the characters I don't even know about and it also frees up what I would spend on future waves of these to get other things so it is a two edged sword. Here we have Sinestro and Salaak from the Green Lantern stories. The Salaak figure is unique among minimates in that he has an elongated body to accomadate his four arms, this is a very cool minimate.
Here we have Red Son Superman and Wonder Woman which is based off of a series of what would have happened if some of the super heroes were from Russia instead of the United States? Cool looking variations of figures is what would happen!
Then we have the modern era Batwoman and the Question (whose head turns around so you can actually have a face on the figure)
Then we have from the Teen Titans, Raven and Cyborg. So there you have it the end of DC minimate (atleast until my next post when I will have received a really old C3 set figure that I just won on Ebay, stay tuned!)

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