Friday, May 13, 2016

They know me so well!

So my best friends Kenny and Jared were in California last week and they were at a Toy/Comic shop and it was free comic book day so the store was having a sale and since they know me so well they picked up this M.A.S.K. Gator toy that I had when I was kid. First of all the toy is awesome but more so I have the best friends ever!  This great toy is a jeep that has a depth charge launcher in the back and the switches on the side launch out a boat!  These toys are awesome!  Now there are two others I had as a kid that I need to get to complete my childhood collection!

I have been into buying Gundam stuff lately so I snagged this super deformed Gundam and a mobile tank mini guy that is plastic (almost feels like an eraser).  These were sort of impulse buys.

So Disney has shut down their infinity game line so the figures are on clearance at TRU so I snagged this cool looking Boba Fett because well I love the Fett!