Friday, April 30, 2010

Battle Tactics

So made this exclusive Iron Man 2 set for the C2E2 (that is the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) that they put on their website after the convention and it came in the mail today to make me oh so happy. We have Battle Damaged Mark VI IM and War Machine we also have Tony in his Stark racing outfit and then we have the Samuel L Jackson version of Nick Fury. More IM2 stuff to come!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End of Semester goodness

Well I took my last final today for the semester and hopefully of all time! So now I have some time of not thinking about school to get caught up here. First off we have some more IM2 minimates, these ones are the TRU exclusives. We have here James Rhodes in the Mark II armor and then we have Black Widow (The best looking female minimate yet!)
Then we have here Senate Hearing Tony Stark (in the middle) and he comes with a Mark I that if you take off the armor makes the Tuxedo Tony on the right.
Then here is a Borders Exclusive pack which includes the Mark IV armor with Sunglass wearing Tony and he comes with a BD Whiplash. We still have the whole wave 35 coming as well as some exclusive packs from C2E2 that I will get in the not to distant future, not to mention the movie itself coming out in a few weeks.
Then today I got my April MOTU figure which is Evil-Lyn. She comes with Screech and she looks awesome. Her card says, "Raised by her father in the ruins of Zalesia, Evelyn left her home in a fit of teenage rebellion. Taking the name Evil-Lyn, she traveled Eternia learning from many of its great masters the way of magice and the dark arts. While searching for new ways to increase her power, she met and fell in love with an ambitious alchemist names Keldor and agreed to join his cause. After Keldor was transformed into Skeletor, he lost all emotional attachments to Evil-Lyn and she began to scheme against him. In a series of miscalculations, she helped release both King Hssss and Hordak from their inter-dimensional prisons. Evil-Lyn uses her crystal ball to foresee the evil future!"
Then this month I also got the subscription exclusive figure Wun-Dar who, in the vintage line, was going to be an exclusive mail away figure from Wonder Bread but it never happened. He does however come with a loaf of Eternian bread! His card says, "One hundred years before Prince Adam was born, Wun-dar, a warrior from deep in the savage underground city of Tundaria, rescued a young woman who turned out to be The Goddess of Eternia. She provided him with cosmic battle armor and a sophisticated ray gun that could tap into almost unlimited power. The Goddess tasked Wun-dar to protect both halves of the sword of He and keep them apart lest they fall into the hands of evil. Like many warriors before him, Wun-dar became known as "the He-Man" battling in a savage way to keep evil from obtaining the key to the great power hidden inside the long forgotten Castle Grayskull."
And if that wasn't enough the subscription exclusive also came with a map of Eternia! So now when the backs of these cards refer to certain places I will know where they are. The map says on it "Gifted with the Wisdom of Ages, the Elders of Grayskull secretly knew that the twin warriors of the Great Prophecy would one day be born on their planet. Therefore, they made a secret bargain with Trolla. In return for keeping the Power Sword of He on Eternia, one member of the Elders was to join the Cosmic Enforcers, being tasked with maintaining neutrality throughout the Universe. The sword was then split in two and hidden, awaiting a time when worthy heirs would reclaim it, channeling its power and thier wisdom to transform into heroic Master of the Universe, fulfilling the prophecy to defeat the Horde Empire and restore peace to the Universe." I love that all these card backs tie into one big averarching story.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


So this here is the mail away exclusive Clone Wars figure of Nahdar Vebb the Mon Calamari Jedi. This if a great looking figure but I still don't know if I am going to open him for my characters with lightsabers shelf or not! Where he is a rare figure I probably won't open him but you never know, I did just open all of my 25th anniversary GI Joes!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Low quality yet high enjoyment

Got some more minimates (I am now at 811 total!) This here is the Spiderman Friends and Foes set which has some great minimates but the quality isn't that great as I had to glue Doc Oc's tentacles on his back because they wouldn't stick like they were supposed to and the paint job and most of them isn't the best. We have Vulture here (the only completely new character in the set), Black Cat, BD Spiderman, and Doc Oc.
Then I got the box of Iron Man 2 singles of the bad guy drones. Here we have Tactical Assault Drone, BD Hammer Drone, and Justine Hammer.

Then here we have Air Assault Drone, Sea Assault Drone, and Ground Assault Drone. These are all really cool but the plastic they are made of seems really cheap so I feel a little cheated out of how much they cost. That's ok though as the box came with 6 other duplicate drones that I have already sold to a member on my forum so I made back almost half of what I spent.
Then here was something that I just couldn't pass up and don't regret as it is so awesome. This is Mohawk the Gremlin from Gremlins 2 that drinks the spider juice and turns into the big spider and gets shot by Rambo Gizmo with the flaming paper clip bow in the movie. This is a great looking figure that brings me a lot of joy as I love Gremlins.