Sunday, April 4, 2010

Low quality yet high enjoyment

Got some more minimates (I am now at 811 total!) This here is the Spiderman Friends and Foes set which has some great minimates but the quality isn't that great as I had to glue Doc Oc's tentacles on his back because they wouldn't stick like they were supposed to and the paint job and most of them isn't the best. We have Vulture here (the only completely new character in the set), Black Cat, BD Spiderman, and Doc Oc.
Then I got the box of Iron Man 2 singles of the bad guy drones. Here we have Tactical Assault Drone, BD Hammer Drone, and Justine Hammer.

Then here we have Air Assault Drone, Sea Assault Drone, and Ground Assault Drone. These are all really cool but the plastic they are made of seems really cheap so I feel a little cheated out of how much they cost. That's ok though as the box came with 6 other duplicate drones that I have already sold to a member on my forum so I made back almost half of what I spent.
Then here was something that I just couldn't pass up and don't regret as it is so awesome. This is Mohawk the Gremlin from Gremlins 2 that drinks the spider juice and turns into the big spider and gets shot by Rambo Gizmo with the flaming paper clip bow in the movie. This is a great looking figure that brings me a lot of joy as I love Gremlins.

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