Monday, June 29, 2009

He came back!

Well the actual wave one (non TRU) T2 minimates came today and this is the only two new ones in the set. We have Biker T-800 and Kyle Reese.
These are just alternate versions of minimates I got from the TRU packs a few posts ago so it is cool to have them and display them with alternate versions. The next T2 set will be the SDCC Assault on Cyberdine set. SDCC is coming so fast I am dying with impatience!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Spool up the FTLs!

So thank heavens TRU saved BSG minimates! They had announced new waves and a box set and then cancelled those so there was much sadness. Then DST announced they would release exclusives through TRU and that announcement was only a few weeks ago and here we have wave 1 already! FRAKKIN AWESOME! Here is the best of the wave with Leoben and Starbuck (complete with her tattoo on her arm). The best thing about these new minimates is that we will be getting the rest of the Human model cylons.
Here we have Doral and a Stealth Cylon.
Then Cavil and a Tylium mine Cylon.
Then Apollo and D'Anna.
And then Adama and a Razor Cylon (who is only slightly different from the other Razor Cylons). Man I am happy to have BSG minimates back and with more to come I fidget with impatience!

Its been a while but I still love me my Star Wars!

I haven't purchased much in the way of Star Wars stuff lately and this week reminded me how much I love this stuff! Here we have the new Galactic Heroes and my new favorite of them all Admiral Ackbar! This pack also included Nien Nunb. Look at that Ackbar, you can just hear the "Its a Trap!!" phrase.
Then we have a stormtrooper and the never done before Rebel Trooper.
Here we have Chewie, and then a Death Star Droid and the amusing Mouse Droid as well.
Then finally some new 3 3/4 figures came out but I only ended up getting this Captain Needa from this wave because he was the only completely new character.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here comes the Horde!

It has been a slow few weeks for me toy wise which my wallet appreciates but here a mere two days after placing the order is this month's MOTU Classics figure that Breanne got me for Father's day it is Hordak Evil leader of the Evil Horde. I like the bio info on the back which sheds light on connections between characters and info about the upcoming sdcc exclusive He-Ro. The bio reads, "Second born heir to the Horde Empire, Hec-Tor Kur arrived on the planet Eternia while battling the cosmis warrior He-Ro. Taking the name Hordak he raised an army and challenged the Snake Men for rule over the planet. And although he defeated King Hssss, Grayskull, leader of the free people of Eternia succeeded in banishing him to the dimension of Despondos. It was there that centuries later Hordak contacted a young alchemist name Keldor (that's Skeletor for you not in the know) and began teaching him the ways of the dark arts in exchange for freedom from his extra-dimensional prison." This figure once again like all the others so far is an amazing looking figure that ever tempts me to open them all up!
This is something I got a while ago but forgot to post about. This is a check off from my most wanted minimate list (now down to just one!) This is the Target exclusive two pack that came with Iceman and Wolverine which are both minimates that I already have but this particular Iceman was made with a different plastic which gives him a blue tint and thus makes him highly sought after, collectible, and rare. I won a very reasonable auction on ebay so hooray!
Here is a side by side comparison with the original Iceman. I know you are thinking like my wife that there isn't much difference here but as a completist I just had to have him.