Friday, June 26, 2009

Spool up the FTLs!

So thank heavens TRU saved BSG minimates! They had announced new waves and a box set and then cancelled those so there was much sadness. Then DST announced they would release exclusives through TRU and that announcement was only a few weeks ago and here we have wave 1 already! FRAKKIN AWESOME! Here is the best of the wave with Leoben and Starbuck (complete with her tattoo on her arm). The best thing about these new minimates is that we will be getting the rest of the Human model cylons.
Here we have Doral and a Stealth Cylon.
Then Cavil and a Tylium mine Cylon.
Then Apollo and D'Anna.
And then Adama and a Razor Cylon (who is only slightly different from the other Razor Cylons). Man I am happy to have BSG minimates back and with more to come I fidget with impatience!

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