Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Caught up and up to date.

Well now I am caught up and up to date with the waves of TAC figures. This here is wave 7 McQ Han Solo that Billy picked up for me.
Here we have the last of wave 7 I needed it is an ewok 2 pk with Romba and Graak. Cute little fuzzems.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The order that was made for one minimate!

So ran a promotion that if you spent over 25$ in their holiday store you got an exclusive minimate that you will see at the end of this post. So the following things are things that I wanted so I could qualify for that minimates (we also ordered JD a BSG wave 2 set to help us get the qualifying amount) here we have teh Chubby Darth Vader nesting doll set. These are great high quality little collectibles I love em and can't wait for the Leia set in wave 2.
In the holiday store they were clearancing the exclusive player 2 2pack of Chun Li and M Bison for 2$ so I got that, I already have the Chun Li though so this is the new figure from that package.
Then we have this Buffy the Vampire Slayer PALZ halloween exclusive set and since I already have Oz and this figure comes with a Xander and was only 6$ I added this to the shopping bag.
All of that just so that I could get this exclusive Web Armor Spiderman that was originally slated for the Target exclusive wave that got cancelled so this is a great exclusive to add to my colleciton.

BSG just in time for a shave!

Well with this Saturday being the BSG Razor special wave 3 of BSG minimates showed up just in time for that shave! Here we have Lt. Helo and the variant CHief Galen Tyrol which will stay in its package just like the other variants for BSG.
Here we have Lt. Helo and Deck Chief Tryol, I love the orange jumpsuit!
Here we have CAG (commander of air group) Kara Thrace and Commander Lee Adama.
Last we have the CYLONS with #3 D'Anna Biers and #8 Sharon Valerii. Frakin Awesome.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Communication from Starfleet captain!

Praise the minimate gods as now Star Trek The Original Series wave 2 showed up in the mail today. Here we have battle damaged Kirk and Gorn.
Adding a new bridge crew member we now have Uhura and then dress unifrom Spock.
Finishing up the bridge crew we have Chekov and Sulu.
This here is the variant for this wave we have Swashbuckling Sulu and as you can see he also came with a Chekov but he is a duplicate so you can see how sad he is back there knowing he is just going to go in my bag of extra mates:(

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So yesterday I go into TRU and WHAT IS THIS! I find that they have some of wave 7 TAC on the shelf! As I was still missing four figs from wave 5 this made me mad although I was happy to find one of the wave 7 figs I wanted and this here is Tcho Celchu A-wing pilot and also later member of Rogue Squadron and married to Winter (if you don't know what that is then read up on your Star Wars gawrsh).
Today though I went back to TRU with the fam beause my bro Ben and Family sent Xander a 20$ gift certificate for his b-day. Xander picked out some movie transformers (bonecrusher and dreadwing) but man oh man and I am glad that we went today because lo and behold they had a butload of ALL of wave 5 so I wa able to get the rest of the figures of wave 5 so now I am up to date on all the figs I want. Here we have wave 5 McQ figure which is Starkiller Hero which was an early concept for Luke.
Then we have Hermi Odle which is a character from Jabba's palace and a figure that I figure should have been made a long time ago but better late than never!
Next we have a couple of Sith from the expanded universe. This fig is Darth Revan who the package says is the fan's choice figure from the Toyfare poll which is partially true. The actuall fan's choice was Quinlan Vos but since Hasbro was already planning a figure of him (which i got not to long ago in the comic two pack) they did the number 2 fig which is this one.
Then we have Darth Malak who was Revan's apprentice and had his jaw cut off by a lightsaber by Revan. So this is also good because it keeps me home the rest of the day. If I hadn't found these this morning I would probably still be out scouring stores looking for them since today is my day off.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

EU not EWW

Well to make today make up even more the lack of toy finding yesterday I found the Comic 2 packs of the next wave I wanted at Target. Here we have Baron Soontir Fel (who marries Syal Antilles, Wedge's sister, and is father to Jagged Fel who is a love interest of Jaina Solo) and the Derek "Hobbie" Klivian a Rogue Squadron pilot. I love these EU (Expanded Universe) figures it is so great.
Then here we have Koffi Arana and Bultar Swan. They are now opened and on my Jedi shelf because I can't pass up the opportunity to get new Jedi figs.

Galactic heroes ho!!!!!!!!!

Well yesterday on my day off we spent most of the day driving around in SLC in my hopes of finding some new toys at the Walmarts and Targets up yonder. (bless Breanne for humoring me in doing such a thing). But this effort was to no avail. Today however I found all of the new wave of Galactic Heroes at TRU so here we have the best of the pack with Luke and Yoda riding on his back and the Spirit of Obi Wan.
Here we have a rebel commando and Endor Leia.
Here we have Weequay and Barada.
And lastly we have an Imperial office and Grand Moff Tarkin.