Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So yesterday I go into TRU and WHAT IS THIS! I find that they have some of wave 7 TAC on the shelf! As I was still missing four figs from wave 5 this made me mad although I was happy to find one of the wave 7 figs I wanted and this here is Tcho Celchu A-wing pilot and also later member of Rogue Squadron and married to Winter (if you don't know what that is then read up on your Star Wars gawrsh).
Today though I went back to TRU with the fam beause my bro Ben and Family sent Xander a 20$ gift certificate for his b-day. Xander picked out some movie transformers (bonecrusher and dreadwing) but man oh man and I am glad that we went today because lo and behold they had a butload of ALL of wave 5 so I wa able to get the rest of the figures of wave 5 so now I am up to date on all the figs I want. Here we have wave 5 McQ figure which is Starkiller Hero which was an early concept for Luke.
Then we have Hermi Odle which is a character from Jabba's palace and a figure that I figure should have been made a long time ago but better late than never!
Next we have a couple of Sith from the expanded universe. This fig is Darth Revan who the package says is the fan's choice figure from the Toyfare poll which is partially true. The actuall fan's choice was Quinlan Vos but since Hasbro was already planning a figure of him (which i got not to long ago in the comic two pack) they did the number 2 fig which is this one.
Then we have Darth Malak who was Revan's apprentice and had his jaw cut off by a lightsaber by Revan. So this is also good because it keeps me home the rest of the day. If I hadn't found these this morning I would probably still be out scouring stores looking for them since today is my day off.

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The Dahle's said...

i went today looking for those 2 sith lords and didnt find them. lucky you!!!