Wednesday, July 29, 2009

COMIC-CON!!!!! The other stuff Haul!

Well the minimates overshadowed some of the other cool stuff I got including this 25th anniversary Soundwave that includes 4 tapes (Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Ravage, and Lazerbeak) I love me some Soundwave so I had to snag this exclusive.
I also picked up this Sky Strike Stratos at a random booth for 5 bucks it was just an impulse buy but was to ease my mind that I missed getting a Keldor by a few hours cause someone else bought it at the booth I was looking at.
Here we have He-Ro the MOTUC figure the back of his card says-Given the sword of He by the Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla, Ro was told to go forth and combat evil. During one such epic battle, he was infected by a techno-organic, virus by Horde Supreme and sent through a vortex to the magic planet of Eternia. Once there, he was healed by Eldor in a mystical pool which absorbed his virus. In gratitude, He-Ro swore to help free Eternia from the Snake Men and Horde Invaders. He defended the free people alongside the great King Grayskull, eventually bequeathing his sword to the King upon his heroic death. I love that this line is including some great figures from He-Man history. The only way to be able to tell that this figure is from SDCC would be if you open him up an take off his chest plate there is supposedly a SDCC stamp on his chest. Also there are three different color of staff orbs but since I am not going to open mine I will never know what color mine is as the staff is all closed up!
We went to Disneyland Thursday night for Karri's birthday while we were there and so I picked up this Stitch as Yoda because I think he looks the best of all the Disney SW crossover figures.

COMIC-CON!!!!!! The Minimates Haul!

In no particular order here are the 45 new minimates that I picked up at Comic-Con which brings my total of unique minimates to 656! This firt pack I was not expecting to be out yet it is the Wolverine Through the Ages set (so I was happy to cancel a pre-order on BBTS) It includes James Howlett (the little boy just discovering his claws), Weapon X, Logan, and Old Man Logan.
This set is the Thunderbolts set and has some great additional parts to change up most of the figures in the set to different looks but I don't care enough about the characters to have bought two sets to display the two versions. This set has Norman Osborne, Venom, Radioactive Man, and Penance.
This is the T2 Assault on Cyberdine set which includes a Scorched Endoskeleton, SWAT Sarah Connor, Cybernetic T800 and a Miles Dyson (I love his axe!).
Then I picked up this set that came out a while ago but since I didn't have to pay shipping it was good to check it off my want list. We have Spirit, Sand Saref, The Octopus, and Silken Floss.
Here is the set of ghosts from the GB video game. This set was going to be an exclusive for ordering the video game but something happened and that didn't work out so it was on sale at the con so I snagged it. We have Chef Demassi, the Architect, Azetlor, and the Black Slime Monster.
Then here we have the GB exclusive pack with GB2 Peter Venkman and a GLOW IN THE DARK Stay Puft!
This is the Dark Avengers #1 set which includes my favorite minimate of this haul IRON PATRIOR (who is actually Norman Osborne as IM), then we have Venom (as Spiderman), Daken (the son of Wolverine as Wolverine), and Captain Marvel.
Here is the Dark Avengers #2 set which includes, Sentry, Ares, Bullseye (as Hawkeye), and Moonstone (as Ms. Marvel).
This is the Champions set which includes Angel, Hercules, Black Widow, and Ghostrider.
Then I also picked up this really old 24 season 1 set since once again I wouldn't have to pay shipping. This includes David Palmer, Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, and Nina Myers.
Then here we have the free giveaway promotional minimate which include the four different colored keychains that AFX gave away at their booth, the DST blank, the AA blank, and the GB blank. Man oh man this was an excellent haul of minimates and the great thing is that with BSG wave 2, Marvel waves 27 and 28, and much more coming in the next month there are still more great minimates on the way. They also announced at the minimates panel that they obtanied the license for Battle Beasts so I am very very excited to see what they have along those lines!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con!!!!!! The New Stuff.

Here I am at the Mattel booth not touching the Power Sword.

This is a new statue coming from Gentle Giant that although I normally think these statues are cool I rearely think that I just have to have them (the only one I own is th Roron Corrob that Breanne got me for father's day two years ago) but when I saw this one I new that I have to get it when it comes out for two reasons: first it has a great looking slave Leia which is like every geek boys fantasy, and second
it has a great Salaciousc Crumb with it and we don't get much of him anywhere.
Here is an upcoming Lego set of the Tantive IV the Rebel Blockade Runner or Corellian Cruiser from the beginning of A New Hope. They did this ship before but it wasn't meant for minifigures and now this one is and so it will definitley be one to add to my collection!
here is a cool huge Super Hero Squad Iron Man that was on display at the Hasbro booth.
They had a charity customizing contest for Mighty Muggs and this was by far my favorite. It is Admiral Ackbar in a bowl of hiw own cereal! You can't repel flavor of this magnitutde!
Here is some of the upcoming MOTU Classics figures. In February next year we get Battle Cat and man does this toy look amazing I can't wait for this one!
Up front here is Wun-dar who is the 2010 subscription exclusive so I will be getting him as I have subscribed. Then you have this new Mighty Mugg type toys that don't have any specific release date but they have MOTU characters there like Webstoe, Merman, and Orko and they look cool enough to maybe buy a few.
Here we have Princess Adora, Trapjaw with two versions including his pre Trap Jaw self, Mossman, and a Battle Armor He-Man.
Then we have a new version of Zodak, Scareglow, King Randor, and the Green Goddess. This line continues to be an amazing toy line and I am more excited than ever about it!

COMIC-CON!!!!!!! The People.

So lets start that Comic-Con posts with the pics I have of some of the famous peoples. This is the closest picture I could get of Mr Luke Skywalker himself, mark Hamill. I followed him outside after his signing and this was the b est pic I could get. It was like 100$ to get his autograph so being this close was good enough for me.
here is me and Snake Eyes, I almost got his sword but he was too fast and smacked my arm out of the way!
Here is me and none other than Spock himself Leonard Nimoy, this picture was free thanks to the schmoozing of Breanne and Karri. Over my shoulder to the left is Brent Spiner but I didn't want to pay for a pic with him.
This is my favorite moment of the whole con, I got my picture with James Callis who is Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. He is my favorite character on the show and the picture with him was only 10$ so wahoo! He was really cool and nice.
And here is the pic from Karri's camera of the same moment.
Here is Stan Lee sitting at the Marvel booth where they had a cool display you can see here os the Mark I-IV of the IM suit.

This is me and the statue at the Mattel booth of He-Ro who was the exclusive figure at the con and you will see in an upcoming post. The quick list of other famous people I saw and or met at the con and who haven't already been mentioned include: (Forgive any mispellings please) Elizabeth Mitchell, John Cho, Scott Wolf, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, Nichelle Nichols, Kevin Sorbo, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Eastman, Nikki Clyne, Bear McCreary, Margot Kidder, Eddi James Olmos, Esai Morales, Richard Hatch, Michael Hogan, Aaron Alston, Jim Parsons (and the rest of the cast of Big Bang Theory), Ana Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Anna Paquin, Sam Trammel, Stephen Moyer, Michelle Forbes, Ron Moore, Matt Groenig, Eric McCormic, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Matthew Sunreich, Christie Golden, Troy Denning, and once again Mr Steve Sansweet. I am sure there are others I forgot to mention and some I just don't know their names but it was lots and lots of fun.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Echo Base and Man-at-Arms

Well this month's first MOTU figure is the Master of Weapons himself Duncan AKA Man-At-Arms. I love how this figures come so quickly now (only took 2 days to get here!) This is once again a great figure that shows how much effort Mattel puts into making this figures look amazing. Next up will be the SDCC figure!
Here we have one of the two SW lego sets I plan on buying in the next little while and this here is Echo Base with the very first lego Taun Taun! This is a great little set but I am more excited about the next set which you will just have to wait and see!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes I missed you!

So. . . . . .um. . . . . .SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I can't wait for another Iron Man. I am not sure about Mickey Rourke yet but Scarlett as Black Widow. . . .if you aren't on board with that just take a look at the pic below and you will change your mind! I can't wait for this movie!!!!!

Music to my ears!

I went to TRU today and didn't find what I was looking for but I did find something great that I didn't even know was coming out which is always very cool! They had a new Galactic Heroes cinema scene from Jabba's sail barge and it came with these two brand new GHs Max Rebo with his red ball jet keyboard and Droopy McCool! There were others in the pack but I already have them so I already listed them on eBay but these two (especially Max) are simply some of the best GHs ever made I love 'em!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters, of course, that is who you're gonna call! Here we have Boxset 1 of the Ghostbusters minimates and these are some amazing figures. We have Dana Barrett, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, and Louis Tully who actually comes inside of the Terror Dog since he turns into one in the movie. You have to remove him to have him seperate so I just took one of my extra minimates and stuck it inside of the terror dog so I could still display the dog too. I have another dog as you will see below but it never hurts to have two of these unique and cool looking minimates!
The next five pics are of the TRU exclusive GB miniamtes wave 1. I was very concerned that I wouldn't find these because they pre-sold out at and were disappearing from shelves very quick, in fact I went in to TRU yesterday before work and found them (even though the CS person told me on Wednesday that they weren't getting any) so I bought my sets and then when I went back to TRU a couple of hours later the rest of them were gone! These are gonna be way popular! This here is Winston Zeddmore and a Terror Dog.
Here we have the Washington Square Ghost and Courtroom Peter Venkman.
This set is great with a slimed Peter and a Slimer.
Here we have Dr. Egon Spengler and the Library Ghost.
And my favorite for last is a Gooey Ray Stantz and an Exploding Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! These miniamtes have great detail like the GB symbol on their shoulder and great accessories like their proton packs! There is an SDCC exlclusive set so more to come soon from this great addition to the minimate world.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

600 minimates=Judgement Day

Here we have the T2 Single pack minimates and this package brought my total unique minimate count up to 601 with still lots and lots more to come in the next month! This is my favorite of this assortment it is the Silver T1000.
Here we have General John Connor from the Flash Forward segment of the movie and this is the one I opened up as the 600th minimate since he is the short packed rare minimate for this pack.
This ist he Half Human Terminator which has one foot bigger than the other so he can't stand very straight . . . . . oh well.
This ist he battle damaged Endoskeleton.
And rounding it out is my third normal endoskeleton which normally would go into my trade pile but these are like stormtroopers where you can have a whole bunch and it is cooler that way!