Wednesday, July 29, 2009

COMIC-CON!!!!!! The Minimates Haul!

In no particular order here are the 45 new minimates that I picked up at Comic-Con which brings my total of unique minimates to 656! This firt pack I was not expecting to be out yet it is the Wolverine Through the Ages set (so I was happy to cancel a pre-order on BBTS) It includes James Howlett (the little boy just discovering his claws), Weapon X, Logan, and Old Man Logan.
This set is the Thunderbolts set and has some great additional parts to change up most of the figures in the set to different looks but I don't care enough about the characters to have bought two sets to display the two versions. This set has Norman Osborne, Venom, Radioactive Man, and Penance.
This is the T2 Assault on Cyberdine set which includes a Scorched Endoskeleton, SWAT Sarah Connor, Cybernetic T800 and a Miles Dyson (I love his axe!).
Then I picked up this set that came out a while ago but since I didn't have to pay shipping it was good to check it off my want list. We have Spirit, Sand Saref, The Octopus, and Silken Floss.
Here is the set of ghosts from the GB video game. This set was going to be an exclusive for ordering the video game but something happened and that didn't work out so it was on sale at the con so I snagged it. We have Chef Demassi, the Architect, Azetlor, and the Black Slime Monster.
Then here we have the GB exclusive pack with GB2 Peter Venkman and a GLOW IN THE DARK Stay Puft!
This is the Dark Avengers #1 set which includes my favorite minimate of this haul IRON PATRIOR (who is actually Norman Osborne as IM), then we have Venom (as Spiderman), Daken (the son of Wolverine as Wolverine), and Captain Marvel.
Here is the Dark Avengers #2 set which includes, Sentry, Ares, Bullseye (as Hawkeye), and Moonstone (as Ms. Marvel).
This is the Champions set which includes Angel, Hercules, Black Widow, and Ghostrider.
Then I also picked up this really old 24 season 1 set since once again I wouldn't have to pay shipping. This includes David Palmer, Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, and Nina Myers.
Then here we have the free giveaway promotional minimate which include the four different colored keychains that AFX gave away at their booth, the DST blank, the AA blank, and the GB blank. Man oh man this was an excellent haul of minimates and the great thing is that with BSG wave 2, Marvel waves 27 and 28, and much more coming in the next month there are still more great minimates on the way. They also announced at the minimates panel that they obtanied the license for Battle Beasts so I am very very excited to see what they have along those lines!

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