Thursday, July 2, 2009

600 minimates=Judgement Day

Here we have the T2 Single pack minimates and this package brought my total unique minimate count up to 601 with still lots and lots more to come in the next month! This is my favorite of this assortment it is the Silver T1000.
Here we have General John Connor from the Flash Forward segment of the movie and this is the one I opened up as the 600th minimate since he is the short packed rare minimate for this pack.
This ist he Half Human Terminator which has one foot bigger than the other so he can't stand very straight . . . . . oh well.
This ist he battle damaged Endoskeleton.
And rounding it out is my third normal endoskeleton which normally would go into my trade pile but these are like stormtroopers where you can have a whole bunch and it is cooler that way!

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