Friday, June 2, 2017


 Ok So this is such a smorgasbord of toys over the last month or so that I am just gonna say what they are and let you admire these cool additions to my collection. Loyal Subject Prince Adam

Reaction Trap Jaw from Super 7 who is not going to do MOTU stuff

That includes this collection of MOTU muscle! Buzzoff, ManEFaces, Ram Man, Merman, Whiplash, and Triklops.

Trap Jaw, Skeletor, Beastman, Teela, He-Man and Man at Arms. 

This is the Green Frame Gundam Astray.

The Milano Lego set from Guardians of the Galazy 2. It came with a Drax, Star Lord, Gamorra, and Nebula and don't forget the little baby Groot.

Here we have the Heavy Arms Gundam which is my favorite one that I have every assembled at this point.

Got the new Ghostbusters set on clearance at Walmart it comes with all four ghostbusters, Kevin, and a ghost. I gave the Holztman minifigure to Mara because she loves that characters.

A great new wave of Marel minimates based on Wolverine (and the Beyonder which I ordered loose at the same time) here we have Lady Deathstrike, Weapon X, Silver Samurai, Red Hand Ninja, arrowed Wolverine, Spiral, and Mojo.

Then there is the new wave for the new Spiderman movie with Shocker, Spidey, Peter, Vulture, Aunt May, Cheap suit Spidey, and the Tinkerer.

Here we have an amazing Huge new Marvel Legends Deadpool along with a hilarious Headpool.

This is the cool K2SO that was on clearance.

Here is the same style Scout Trooper with Speeder bike.

This is from the new show the Freemaker adventures. This is the Tracker I which I got because it might as well be a version of a TIE fighter.  It came with Rowan, and MOC hunter droid, a probe droid and an emperor Palpatine.

This is a new Bounty Hunter speeder that I got because it is the first version of 4LOM they have made and it is also an improved IG88 over what I had.

So Game Stop bought Thinkgeek and I was in a Game Stop today and they had this MOTUC set for a great deal so I got it because I LOVE the Skeletor in this one. Read the bio below.

Then the Disney store was having a sale so I got this metal series Deathtrooper for 6$

I also got this big Rey doll for 14$ I love them female Jedi!