Saturday, March 18, 2017

More than meets the third eye.

So I am graduating with my masters degree soon and so as a reward my wife let me buy this third party masterpiece Thrust.  Thrust was one of  the first Transformer that I got that was mine and that same Christmas my brothers also got seekers (Dirge and Skywarp) so I had to have this masterpiece.  Here is jet mode.

These big transformers are a pain to transform and this being a third party it isn't as high of quality and so part of his arm broke and so I had to end up soldering it together which means he will forever be in robot sad but he still looks amazing.

New lego sets for 2017!  Here you have a Hammer bot and Coulson's flying car with some great minifigures!

This Avenger's space jet was on clearance and so I snagged it as it came with Hyperion, Captain Marvel and Thanos as well as space Iron Man and Captain America!

New Skiff and Sarlaac set with a great Skiff Guard and new Han Solo. Sometimes these new sets replace an old version which was the case here!

 Got some great new box sets here we have the Daredevil Season 2 set with Elektra, Daredevil, Stick, and Karen Page.

Then we have the Luke Cage Box set it came with Luke Cage and parts to make the first appearance Luke Cage (made from other parts from the Luke from the Jessica Jones set), Misty Knight, Mariah Dillard, and Cottonmouth.

Then we have Guardians of the Galaxy 2 wave with a great looking new Yondu and Gamorra,  A better Rocket and little Groot.  Then there is a cool new Star Lord and new characters Mantis, TaserFace, Ego and  Ayesha.

Then I found the newest wave of Walgreens minimates (thanks to a Pokemon hunt) Here we have Ultimate Green Goblin, Scarlet Spider, Underwater Spiderman, Speed Demon, Doctor Spectrum, Iron Skull, Antivenom and Hulk.  The Hulk glows in the dark! Love that they are still releasing new characters after 15 years!

This was another set meant to replace an old one.  I love the prototype A-wing but the Tie Advanced was to replace my old one because the one I had was blue and black and I have never liked it that color (Now I need some other replacement TIEs) This came with a great unique pilot and new verison of Tarkin and Vader (with a great two part mask) and a Sabine (Still without a helmet which is so lame)

This weekend was Fan X in Salt Lake and I got to complete my childhood MASK collection with Raven and Bullet with Calhoun Burns and Ali Bombay.  I now have all 5 of the vehicles I had as a kid!  Man do I love comic con weekends because I always get great stuff.  I also got a bunch of knockoff lego minifures to add to my collection but I am not taking individual photos currently as I will put up photos of the collections soon.

Lastly to top it all off is another third party transformer from Ocular Max this is Artifex or as the actual version is known, Hoist.  This is an AMAZING knock off probably one of my new favorite all time toys and definitely in my top five transformer toys.  So many great third party companies in China making high quality masterpiece toys that I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy them all! (and a house just for toys!)