Friday, February 29, 2008

Space. . . . . . . .

Along with the early release of the BSG mates is Star Trek the original series wave 3. Here we have Kahn and dress uniform Kirk.
Then we have the Klingon Kor and yup another Kirk, this one is the gladiator version.
Then we have dress uniform Spock with his ever logical father Sarek and then the variant from the episode Spock's Brain. This wave is great but somehwat mediocre since it mostly consists of Spock adn Kirk and the ST universe is so rich with characters to do so I am glad that the next couple of waves will see some TNG and DS9.

So say we all!

So this month has been jammed packed with new minimates and this was an unexpected surprise that BSG wave 4 came out over a month early! Here we have the long anticipated Doctor Gaius Baltar with his blood samples and Doc Cottle.
Then we have specialist Cally Tyrol and Lieutenant Feliz Gaeta.
We finally get President Laua Roslin who was pictured in the original art for the BSG minimates so we finally got her too along with Tom Zarek.
The variant for this wave is the miniseries Gauis Baltar with another Doc Cottle and I have been keeping the variants for BSG MIP so I am very excited to have this wave and the accompanying exclusive two pack with Kat will be out next month!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Iron Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh super duper happy day! So I go to TRU today and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the new Iron Man figures! These weren't supposed to come out for a few more weeks so this was a welcome surprise. Here we have the Mark I the original suit and the one with which I have a picture of me witht he actual movie suit from SDCC last year. This one is awesome.
Then we have my favorite looking one of the bunch the MarkII. Although his legs are a little loose so he doesn't stand up as good as he should this is a sweet looking IM I love this guy.
Next we have the movie's villain Iron Monger and this monstrous figure is ready to smash IM. What great toys I can't wait for more when the movie does well (that is right I have predicted the fugure and this movie will do good enough to warrant many sequels)
Then there is the Mark III which I have decided since he has the same accessories as the MarkII and sine I got the 12" figure of the Mark II a bit ago I will leave this one in its package. The package looks great although that top left corner is fairly easy to damage so I am glad this one survived the day and travel home. Oh man I love Iron man figures of any form and these are just an inkling of how excited I am to see this movie!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mini Mayhem part 2

Next here we have Hawkeye (which since he was included with the variant I got two of and gave one to Xander cause he loves this guy since I got my super hero squad set with Captain America and him) Then you have Vision and the variant phasing Vision.
Next we have a very cool Ultron and then Ms Marvel. Once again great choices for additions in this wave (although I am still mad that we don't have a Gambit or a Deadpool minimate)
Then my least favorite of all of these is Professor Hulk (who just looks dumb) and the Abomination. Now Adbomination is a good idea (although an upcoming wave will be from the new movie so we will be getting him there so they could have done different characters in this wave) but they tried to make these figures taller without infringing on their not bigger than 2" deal by giving these two guys bigger retarded looking feet. Oh well in the end I am just happy to have more new minimates.

Mini Mayhem part 1

Well my forum involvement has paid off again as I traded my SP3 variant I got at FYE to punisher=D another forum member for this long elusive C3 miniflyer Flash figure. I got all the other miniflyers when they came out but never found this one in the stores and it is always so expensive on ebay so I picked it up through a trade and boy oh boy am I happy to have this one checked off my wants list.
Then my Marvel waves 19 and 20 showed up today which Breanne got for me for my birthday so this and the next post are those waves. Here we have Angel, Apocalypse and Archangel. It is kind of lame that the variant angel doesn't have feathered wings but oh well these are so so very awesome.
Then we have Cyclops' brother Havok and Magneto's daughter Polaris. Great additions to the Marvel Minimates world.
Then we have yet another Spiderman and then Mysterio which is atleast a new villian for the Spidey minimates. I am sure by now you can see that I love minimates. They are poseable, cute and just all around great collectibles/toys.

The Force Unleashed

So there is a game coming out pretty soon that is called Star Wars the Force Unleashed in which Darth Vader takes on a secret apprentice (you have already seen the lego set I got baed on this game) well here are the first figures for that. First we have a battle damaged Darth Vader with armor pieces that are removable. I had to get this one to add to my DV collection.
Next we have one of the Emperors Shadow Guards. This is a kick butt figure since I love Royal Guards and this one has a cool lightsaber stick thingy.
Next we have Maris Brood who was Shaak Ti's apprentice but she is seperated from her on Felucia and falls to the dark side so I had to get this one to add to me my jedi shelf.
Then we have Rahm Kota who is a jedi who was disaffected with the way the clone wars was going and so he left the order and thus avoided order 66. I had to get him too for my jedi shelf. There will a book released that lays out the whole game and I will get that and read it obviously and better understand these characters. I am glad though for some figures to open cause that always makes me happy.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Iron Man Mania begins and new minimates!

So I go in to TRU the other day (like always) and lo and behold I find the first Iron Man movie toy to hit the shelf. I was thinking it was put out to early and I wouldn't be able to buy it but as you can see I do have it. This is a 12" Iron man (sadly with minimal poseability) he has a missile that fires out of one hand and the other hand lights up and makes sound when you move the arm. The button on his chest makes him say lines like "I am Iron Man" The coolest thing about him though is he has a trigger on his right heel that when you pick him up he makes a sound like he is taking off and then flying and then when you put him down and the trigger is pressed back in it sound like he is landing and the sound stops. This just increases ten fold my excitement for the rest of the movie toys coming out here next month!
This last week was the International Toy Fair in NYC and there was a lot of announcements for minimates including a Civil War Box set and a Marvel wave with War Machine and Nova, among what is pictured here and much more. This is what I am the most excited about though. IRON MAN MOVIEMATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be a pack with Tony Stark (right side) that you can put the Mark I armor on him and he comes with a Jimmy Rhodes (who is War Machine). Then another pack comes with Tony partially in armor and you can put the Mark III armor on him and one set will come with Pepper Potts and the variant I beleive comes with the Tuxedo Tony. Then the last set is War Monger and then the Mark II armor. Oh how incredibly excited I am for these. This will constitute wave 21 of Marvel minimates and then wave 22 will be the Incredible Hulk moviemates and then wave 23 will be the aforementioned wave with War Machine and Nova and others.
Then they announced recently BSG Razor minimates and there will be two sets. One of them will be the two cylons you see, William "Husker" Adama from the flashback, Kendra, and Gina.
The other set will have 3 cylons and two versions of Pegasus Six.
Then there were a lot of Star Trek minimates announced but the most exciting is this wave which includes Captain Picard and a Borg among others. Finally some TNG minimates YEAH! There are some other great minimates here in this wave too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Beautiful wife's birthday, yet more toys for me!

So today is Breanne's birthday (we went to dinner and went and saw Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds which has now surpassed 13 Going on 30 as my favorite Chick Flick of all time anyways off topic) I love me wife so very much and I am glad for the time I got to spend just me and her. Despite it being her birthday I got a present in the mail. DC wave 7 of minimates that I bought with my birthday money came today. Here we have the best looking Batman yet along with a very cool Clayface.
Here we have, FINALLY, a Flash (I missed getting both of the C3 flashes when they came out however I have just borkered a deal on my forum to get one of those but I am off topic again) and Gorilla Grodd. I am very excited to finally have a cool Flash in my collection (I have golden age Flash but he just isn't very cool).
Next we have Nightwing and Starfire. This Nightwing looks a lot cooler than the C3 one I have and he has cooler sticks.
Then the odd set in the wave we have Lobo (who has a very cool hook on a chain accessory) and Ambush Bug both of these characters I know nothing about but they are still cool. This wave's figures all have very loose leg joints which is strange but oh well.
Last but not least I actually got this at Target yesterday with more birthday money. This is the Sith Legacy Evolutions set which came with Darth Nihilus (left) Darth Bane (middle) and Darth Maul (do I really have to tell you which one he is. . . . . .yep the one on the right) This is a great set and there are two more in this wave of Evolutions that I want too so I gotta start scrimping pennies cause these babies are expensive!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Comic 2 pack goodness

Well the 25th anniversary of GI Joes have been doing these two packs of figures with a reissue of a classic comic book. This is the third wave and the first set that I have been interested in and so I was very excited to find it this morning at Walmart. When I was a kid I got the majority of my GI Joes through hand me downs from Ben and Morri (my brothers) and one the coolest of all was the massive F-14 jet with the pilot Ace. Those toys are long gone (darn garage sale) but here we have the reissue of that figure Ace along with the Cobra Pilot Wild Weasel. Very cool. I think they could have made the Ace figure look a little better but all in all a great pack.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Darktrooper Dilemma

Ok so this figure was released last year in the saga legends wave but I never found him so I went t o Target yesterday and voila here he is in an obvious revision of the saga legends wave with a gold coin happy day! SOOOOOO the dilemma is that I have this figure already from back when they did the first expanded universe wave back in '98 I wanted to get this one so that I could open it. . . . .but now he looks so good with his gold coin that I am having trouble bringing myself to open it. So for now he will stay MIP. Very cool EU figure.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Indie Trade

So in the course of my minimate collecting I have acquired a significatn amount of extras or doubles and since I am a member of the minimatemultiverse forum I have posted my haves and wants to participate in trades with other collectors. This is the fruits of my first trade with mattallica one of the board members. I traded him four of my extra minimates that he wanted and sent them to him and he sent me this box set based off some independent comic book characters. The main one I wanted was Witchblade. The others in the set are Magdelena and Dawn both of whome are cool looking minimates. The fourth is Kabuki which the picture above shows her with the white face mask which is lame but you can take it off and just put on a hair piece so this figure looks ok (that figure also had a leg peg break right out of the box so I had to solder that but all in all a great trade!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back to the Future again!

Well my birthday presents keep coming (and will for a while longer since Breanne's family won't celebrate me and Breann'e birthday until next week) Breanne ordered me the BTTF 2 minimates so this is the 4 pk with disguised Marty, alternate 1985 Biff, Future Doc Brown and Future Marty with a hoverboard. AWESOME!
Then this is the PX Exclusive 2 pk for this wave and it is 50s Marty and George.

Well Clearance time is still going on and so like I said when I got my first figure from this Marvel Legends wave (Doctor Doom) I got more of the Fantastic Four wave. Here we have invisible Woman and I had a figure of her from a box set from a couple of years ago and she didn't anywhere near as good as this figure does.
Then I also got Mr Fantastic and the great thing here is that he actually has long bendable arms, whereas the figure I got in the box set a while ago was tall stretchy or anything other than a normal figure, lame. This figure is great! (not to mention cheap!)
Then I really liked the look of this figure and since this wave is on clearance and I almost have them all now here we have Namor.

Friday, February 8, 2008


So they announced some new Lego sets that will be released along with the new Clone Wars CG show that will start this fall and firstly I am so excited about this Republic Gunship, but they already released this you say, well I didn't get it the first time arond and seriously regretted said missed opportunity so oh yeah baby now I can get this awesome set.
However I am 50 zillion times more excited about this set of the V-19 Torrent. This ship was seen in the first Clone Wars cartoon and I have been hoping and wishing and praying and sacrificing to the toy gods to have something made of the awesome awesome ship and voila here you have it! OOOOOOOOOH I can't wait for this one!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My birthday.

Well my birthday was yesterday and I woke up got ready and at breakfast Breanne gave me some gifts. There was a box of oatmeal cream pies (yum yum) and then the following two things. . . . . (this here is a just a picture with the kids)
Xander helped Breanne pick out this cool NBC Jack shirt.
Then this is something I bought but gave to Breanne to give to me for my birthday it is the Mighty Muggs Darth Vader very cute yet cool!
Then later in the day my Mom, Lana, Maddox, Morri, Liza, Carter and Alex came over and we had some nameless cake that Breanne made for me (Thanx Breanne I adore you and that cake), and Lana gave me a gift card to TRU and my parents gave me a card with some cash in it. So later yesterday when Breanne and I went out to eat at Red Robin (steak fries I love you) we stopped at TRU and I picked up this lego set that I have been eying for a while. It is the Rogue Shadow ship from the new Force unleashed game. When I look at the ship I see a cross between the mandibles of the Millenium Falcon, the wings of a droid starfighter, the wing of a tie interceptor, and the engine of Darth Mauls speeder bike. It comes with a battle damaged Darth Vader figure (I can't wait to get the actual 3 3/4 inch fig) and Darth Vaders Apprentice who is the central character of this new story and then also Juno Eclipse who I beleive is his pilot. Anyways this is the most unique looking SW ship yet I think and it is a cool lego set! THANKS Lana and Mom and Dad.