Monday, February 11, 2008

Indie Trade

So in the course of my minimate collecting I have acquired a significatn amount of extras or doubles and since I am a member of the minimatemultiverse forum I have posted my haves and wants to participate in trades with other collectors. This is the fruits of my first trade with mattallica one of the board members. I traded him four of my extra minimates that he wanted and sent them to him and he sent me this box set based off some independent comic book characters. The main one I wanted was Witchblade. The others in the set are Magdelena and Dawn both of whome are cool looking minimates. The fourth is Kabuki which the picture above shows her with the white face mask which is lame but you can take it off and just put on a hair piece so this figure looks ok (that figure also had a leg peg break right out of the box so I had to solder that but all in all a great trade!

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