Sunday, February 24, 2008

Iron Man Mania begins and new minimates!

So I go in to TRU the other day (like always) and lo and behold I find the first Iron Man movie toy to hit the shelf. I was thinking it was put out to early and I wouldn't be able to buy it but as you can see I do have it. This is a 12" Iron man (sadly with minimal poseability) he has a missile that fires out of one hand and the other hand lights up and makes sound when you move the arm. The button on his chest makes him say lines like "I am Iron Man" The coolest thing about him though is he has a trigger on his right heel that when you pick him up he makes a sound like he is taking off and then flying and then when you put him down and the trigger is pressed back in it sound like he is landing and the sound stops. This just increases ten fold my excitement for the rest of the movie toys coming out here next month!
This last week was the International Toy Fair in NYC and there was a lot of announcements for minimates including a Civil War Box set and a Marvel wave with War Machine and Nova, among what is pictured here and much more. This is what I am the most excited about though. IRON MAN MOVIEMATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be a pack with Tony Stark (right side) that you can put the Mark I armor on him and he comes with a Jimmy Rhodes (who is War Machine). Then another pack comes with Tony partially in armor and you can put the Mark III armor on him and one set will come with Pepper Potts and the variant I beleive comes with the Tuxedo Tony. Then the last set is War Monger and then the Mark II armor. Oh how incredibly excited I am for these. This will constitute wave 21 of Marvel minimates and then wave 22 will be the Incredible Hulk moviemates and then wave 23 will be the aforementioned wave with War Machine and Nova and others.
Then they announced recently BSG Razor minimates and there will be two sets. One of them will be the two cylons you see, William "Husker" Adama from the flashback, Kendra, and Gina.
The other set will have 3 cylons and two versions of Pegasus Six.
Then there were a lot of Star Trek minimates announced but the most exciting is this wave which includes Captain Picard and a Borg among others. Finally some TNG minimates YEAH! There are some other great minimates here in this wave too.

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