Saturday, February 16, 2008

Comic 2 pack goodness

Well the 25th anniversary of GI Joes have been doing these two packs of figures with a reissue of a classic comic book. This is the third wave and the first set that I have been interested in and so I was very excited to find it this morning at Walmart. When I was a kid I got the majority of my GI Joes through hand me downs from Ben and Morri (my brothers) and one the coolest of all was the massive F-14 jet with the pilot Ace. Those toys are long gone (darn garage sale) but here we have the reissue of that figure Ace along with the Cobra Pilot Wild Weasel. Very cool. I think they could have made the Ace figure look a little better but all in all a great pack.

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The Dahle's said...

So Target will set an Ironman endcap aroung March 23rd. also head to my SHS blog to see some pics of Ironman SHS..