Monday, February 25, 2008

Mini Mayhem part 2

Next here we have Hawkeye (which since he was included with the variant I got two of and gave one to Xander cause he loves this guy since I got my super hero squad set with Captain America and him) Then you have Vision and the variant phasing Vision.
Next we have a very cool Ultron and then Ms Marvel. Once again great choices for additions in this wave (although I am still mad that we don't have a Gambit or a Deadpool minimate)
Then my least favorite of all of these is Professor Hulk (who just looks dumb) and the Abomination. Now Adbomination is a good idea (although an upcoming wave will be from the new movie so we will be getting him there so they could have done different characters in this wave) but they tried to make these figures taller without infringing on their not bigger than 2" deal by giving these two guys bigger retarded looking feet. Oh well in the end I am just happy to have more new minimates.

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The Dahle's said...

hey pat the SHS forum i go to says taht people are finding the Irom man 4pks at TRU so be on the look out and pick them up for the both of us i will do the same