Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Beautiful wife's birthday, yet more toys for me!

So today is Breanne's birthday (we went to dinner and went and saw Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds which has now surpassed 13 Going on 30 as my favorite Chick Flick of all time anyways off topic) I love me wife so very much and I am glad for the time I got to spend just me and her. Despite it being her birthday I got a present in the mail. DC wave 7 of minimates that I bought with my birthday money came today. Here we have the best looking Batman yet along with a very cool Clayface.
Here we have, FINALLY, a Flash (I missed getting both of the C3 flashes when they came out however I have just borkered a deal on my forum to get one of those but I am off topic again) and Gorilla Grodd. I am very excited to finally have a cool Flash in my collection (I have golden age Flash but he just isn't very cool).
Next we have Nightwing and Starfire. This Nightwing looks a lot cooler than the C3 one I have and he has cooler sticks.
Then the odd set in the wave we have Lobo (who has a very cool hook on a chain accessory) and Ambush Bug both of these characters I know nothing about but they are still cool. This wave's figures all have very loose leg joints which is strange but oh well.
Last but not least I actually got this at Target yesterday with more birthday money. This is the Sith Legacy Evolutions set which came with Darth Nihilus (left) Darth Bane (middle) and Darth Maul (do I really have to tell you which one he is. . . . . .yep the one on the right) This is a great set and there are two more in this wave of Evolutions that I want too so I gotta start scrimping pennies cause these babies are expensive!

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