Monday, February 25, 2008

Mini Mayhem part 1

Well my forum involvement has paid off again as I traded my SP3 variant I got at FYE to punisher=D another forum member for this long elusive C3 miniflyer Flash figure. I got all the other miniflyers when they came out but never found this one in the stores and it is always so expensive on ebay so I picked it up through a trade and boy oh boy am I happy to have this one checked off my wants list.
Then my Marvel waves 19 and 20 showed up today which Breanne got for me for my birthday so this and the next post are those waves. Here we have Angel, Apocalypse and Archangel. It is kind of lame that the variant angel doesn't have feathered wings but oh well these are so so very awesome.
Then we have Cyclops' brother Havok and Magneto's daughter Polaris. Great additions to the Marvel Minimates world.
Then we have yet another Spiderman and then Mysterio which is atleast a new villian for the Spidey minimates. I am sure by now you can see that I love minimates. They are poseable, cute and just all around great collectibles/toys.

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