Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enjoying the small things in life!

All right so this post is dedicated to all the small collectibles that I so adore. This first thing was given to me by my best friend Kenny. This is the World's Smallest TF OPtimus Prime with his trailer. I have a world's smallest Soundwave and Thrust as well and so adding this one to my collection is great. I really love the little pod on the arm in the trailer. There are no references here to tell size but this Optimus only measures 2 inches tall!
Now here we have the first wave of TRU exclusive minimates with vehicles. This here is the Delorean with Marty (there will be a PX version that has a frosted Delorean and Marty in his radioactive suit which I will also be getting) This is a great looking addition to the BTTF minimates I LOVE IT. We just watched the first movie with the kids and they loved it too and were excited to get to play with this when I opened it today.
Here is just a pic with Marty inside.
Then Diamond Select is also doing a line of their own characters called MAX (Mobile Attack Xtreme) and this is the first one which is really cool (but I am not convinced I will be getting all of these). You have the pilot and his jet which can be combined and customized with other jets if you buy them or you can. . . .
Change it to a jet pack! There is a red version of this same thing for the PX wave but I am most likely not getting that.
Then we have something I have wanted since I first saw the preview pic last year. I haven't collected SW Kubricks because they are just too expensive to get them all although there are quite a few I would like this is the first one I just had to have and that is simply because this C3PO came with a Salacious Crumb to sit on his shoulder! I love this very nearly as much as I love the last thing in this post. . . . . .
So last year at SDCC DST previewed a minimate playset that was to come with a generic soldier and a Battle Beast minimate because DST acquired the license for Battle Beasts. Well that playset never ended up coming out but at Toyfare then at C2E2 and then at SDCC DST handed out different versions of the Gator BB minimate to people at these shows, none of which I attended of course. And all of these have been a hot item on eBay going for way more money than I wanted to spend even though I wanted this minimate more than almost any other minimate to date (and out of almost 900 that is saying something). So last week I bid on an eBay auction for this SDCC Golden Gator in no way expecting to win but I did and to make it even sweeter it was only 10$ with free shipping!!!!!! So he finally arrived in the mail today and I could not be more happy with him. This is in my top five favorite minimate of all time. I love this and beg and plead for DST to make more BB minimate and then sell them to the public not just give them away at shows that I can't go to!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Whiplash but not the one from Iron Man

So this month's MOTUC figure is none other than Whiplash. This version comes with his vintage style head on and his 200x head in the package to switch it out if you want to. It also comes with the big axe like weapon that the 200x figure came with. scroll down for his bio! This line continues to be one of the best toy lines of all time and I can't wait for some upcoming figures in cluding Buzz-Off and Roboto among others.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The best accessory ever!

So this is my last SDCC product even though it isn't really. You see Mattel sold this MOTUC Orko at the show but the SDCC version turns see through in water and the little spell book shows a SDCC logo in warm water. This version that I got is just the normal versino that I ordered on (well I should say my lovely wife ordered it for me). So you have Orko here with his bio below but the best part of this great figure is that the accesory for the figure is Prince Adam that you can see hiding int he bottom of the package! What a cool way to get that figure into the line. Since Orko is too small to be charging full price for they just put Adam in there and bumped the price up 5$ and voila a great addition to MOTUC!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post 300!

Well once again here is more stuff that came in the mail from SDCC (one more box to go). This is the rest of the minimate stuff. Here we have the Slime Blower Box set from GB2. This one has all four of the GBs in it and since I already have a bunch of them I am keeping this one in its package for now.
Here we have an X-Force set with Domino, Deadpool, Cable, and Feral. I love the Deadpool in this set he is totally wicked!
Then here we have a 90s X-Men set we have Bishop, battle damaged Wolverine, Jubilee, and Asteroid M Magneto. We only need a few more 90s X-Men to have them all and we are getting Professor X in an upcoming wave so wahoo! I spent a good amount of time last night rearranging shelves because I am running out of good display room for my piles and piles of minimates!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blast your teeth clean

So here is more SDCC stuff showing up in the mail. As you can see fromt he very cool packaging in the back this is Blaster the autobot counterpart to my favorite of all transformers Soundwave. Blaster is a bigger boombox who even has a handle on the top. He cam with three tapes Eject (the blue tape), Steeljaw (the yellow tape) and Ramhorn (the red tape). I simply could not pass up the chance to have at least one Blaster to display with all of my Soundwaves!
Here they all are in their transformed modes!
Here we have a box set from SDCC (that I got on eBay not realizing that I could've waited and purchased on Mattycollector tomorrow, oh well I will be getting Orko that way) This is based on a Robot Chicken sketch where Mo-Larr the Eternian Dentist comes to remove Skeletors tooth. Skeletor sends out Grizzlor and Beast Man to get rid of him and you can see what happened to them in the next picture. I think it is awesome that Mattel actually made a figure set of this as it is one of my favorite RC sketches (as are most of the MOTU sketches) Mo-Larr even comes with all his dentist tools! You can also read the bios below. Don't worry there is still more SDCC stuff to come!