Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blast your teeth clean

So here is more SDCC stuff showing up in the mail. As you can see fromt he very cool packaging in the back this is Blaster the autobot counterpart to my favorite of all transformers Soundwave. Blaster is a bigger boombox who even has a handle on the top. He cam with three tapes Eject (the blue tape), Steeljaw (the yellow tape) and Ramhorn (the red tape). I simply could not pass up the chance to have at least one Blaster to display with all of my Soundwaves!
Here they all are in their transformed modes!
Here we have a box set from SDCC (that I got on eBay not realizing that I could've waited and purchased on Mattycollector tomorrow, oh well I will be getting Orko that way) This is based on a Robot Chicken sketch where Mo-Larr the Eternian Dentist comes to remove Skeletors tooth. Skeletor sends out Grizzlor and Beast Man to get rid of him and you can see what happened to them in the next picture. I think it is awesome that Mattel actually made a figure set of this as it is one of my favorite RC sketches (as are most of the MOTU sketches) Mo-Larr even comes with all his dentist tools! You can also read the bios below. Don't worry there is still more SDCC stuff to come!

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