Friday, October 26, 2012

Street Fighter Vs Battle Beasts Vs Wave 47

Great package from in the mail today. Got my wave 1 of Street Fighter Vs. Tekken. I didn't want the Tekken I got it for the SF characters which include Poison, Cammi, Sagat, and Ken.  I love finally adding more to my SF minimates.  I would love to get the rest of the cast from the Super SF II that I had on SNES this takes a good bite out of it!

Then this is the first Battle Beasts two pack released at SDCC this year it has the Ram Vorin and the Dragonfly Zik.  These look cool but the upcoming wave 1 Walrus and Snake are so amazing I can't wait for those.

Here we have Wave 47 of Marvel which included a Wolverine and the Alien Brood and the a Brood infected Wolverine is the variant.

Here we have some great favorites, Longshot and Dazzler which I was super excited for because they were both part of the card sets I collected as a kid.

Then we got a great updated bulked up Colossus. (He came with a Rogue that I didn't want)  This was a great wave and there are 3 more waves announced at this point (up to wave 50) so they will just keep on coming!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flight of the Alphas and ultimates

So we already have Alpha flight box set one from afx from SDCC. Well box set number 2 was from NYCC and it includes Sasquatch, Aurora (with a extra hand piece so she can hold hands with Northstar from the first set), Snowbird, and Shaman.  I love the Sasquatch figure!

Then the newest TRU wave included the last two characters to round out the team includes Box and Vindicator.

The same TRU wave also had Ultimate Captain America and the new Miles Morales Spiderman.

Then a new Iron Man (which always makes me happy) and a new beefed up Rhino. I love this Rhino but will be keeping my original Rhino since it was in the first box set of minimates I ever bought.

AFX also offered Thundercats #2 set from NYCC which was a bad guys set which included Jackalman, Slythe, little Wolfrat, Monkian, and Vultureman. These Thundercats minimates are by far the best non marvel stuff they have made in a long long time!

Lego my LOTR

So on our vacation last week to Disneyland the only souvenir that I came home with were items from the Lego Store.  I bought this Darth Maul Key Chain to add to the red case you can see which has all my lightsaber lego characters in it.

Then I got a magnet set of LOTR lego guys that had a Ring Wraith (I had to have that since they cancelled the minimate wave that was supposed to have him in it) and then Frodo.

The magnet set also had Samwise and then I got a keychain of Gandalf that I removed the keychain from.  This was quite the small haul for a vacation for me!


So this month's MOTUC figure (atleast the one that I am keeping the other was Frosta) is Rattlor from the Snake Men.  He came with an extendo neck piece.  I am not the biggest fan of his head but he is still awesome! Read the bio below.

Then this Snake Men two pack came last month and I wasn't sure I was going to keep it until I opened Rattlor and then I decided these were a keep. These are great generic but cool looking figures.  I really like my palace guards so these compliment those nicely and add to the Snake men army. (There is Snake Face coming next year too) You can read the bio below.