Sunday, June 24, 2007

BUZZ OFF and Star Tours figure.

Well I went to the Antique collectible place and there is a bin o f MOTU figures there that are normally too expensive for me to want to buy but I found this buzz off and he had his wings and was in great condition and since I had this one when I was a kid I wanted to buy it and then I found the headpiece and that sealed the deal so I had to buy it.
We went to a Disney clearance store in SLC and they had this clearance Star Tours figure of MSE 1T so Breanne grabbed one for me.
This is a cool icon I found on the web so I put it here because I ador light cycles and I love the movie tron and this little thing is really cool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The last of the Robot Heroes (for now atleast)

Well I now officially have all of the robot heroes (atleast they haven't announced anymore yet that I know of) I found these at target and it was the first time I have seen either of these sets and they only had one of each set and I snagged them up. So here we have Jazz and Thundercracker and . . . .
Here we have Unicron and Optimus Prime holding the matrix. Cool Cool Colio

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ralph Luke figure, Star Wars Transformer, and Classic Ramjet

Well I finally got my Ralph McQuarrie concept Luke Skylwalker figure from today and it is awesome and came with a protective case too. These figures are so cool and I can't wait for the Darth Vader concept figure.
I just had to have one of the toys from Toyfare's top ten list for this month (I usually already do) and so I got this Saesee Tiin jedi starfighter tranformer (robot mode not shown) I really like the jedi starfighters and this one with the hyperspace rign is cool and on the Toyfare top ten so I got it.
The Tranformers classics line took G1 characters and made them very close to classic G1 figures but slightly updated and I love all of the jet figures and so I picked up this Ramjet and it was completely worth it he is very very cool and poseable.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yup more Robot heroes and the coolest Star Wars collectible I own!

Well once again I couldn't help myself and I finished off the Robot Heroes that are on the shelves right now and got Insecticon and Rodimus they are cool and adorable.
Now this is probably the best thing I have got in my Star Wars Collection. Breanne bought it for me for father's day (I knew about it so she let me open it when it got her in the mail today) this is Gentle Giants animated maquette statue of Roron Corobb. He is an Ithorian Jedi that was animated into the Clone Wars cartoon on cartoon network (and he will be an action figure in wave five of the 30th anniversary collection here in a few months, I can't wait) This statue is superb looking and simply chic a la huit awesome. I have wanted this since the first time I saw a picture of it and it just came out this week and I found a sweet auction on ebay for it last weekend and pointed it out to Breanne and voila here it is I love it I love it I love it I love it. . . . don't you? You don't have to answer cause I know you do!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Robot Heroes and upcoming Lego set

So I once again couldn't resist and I bought this set of Robot heroes which includes Grimlock and Shockwave (I have an Energon and the Alternator of Shockwave already and Grimlock too so this set was a great addition) and as happens from time to time when you purchase at Toys R Us you get a survey receipt to get 3 dollars off the next purchase and since I got one of those I bought. . . . . .
Starscream and Mirage (I have the Mirage Alternator). So now there is only one set currently on the shelves that I don't have so only time will tell if I break down and but it or not.
Lastly we have one of this summers new Star Wars Lego sets (and the only one that I will be buying) and oh look at the beauty of this set. The jedi starfighter (I already have Anakin's yellow fighter) but the best is this comes with the hyperspace ring and a Kit Fisto figure!!!! Good times noodle salad.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Power of the Jedi Complete

While I was on my mission in France the Power of the Force line switched to the Power of the Jedi line and so a bunch of figures that I wanted (cool figures or characters that hadn't been produced yet) came out while I was gone. I have been slowly but surely getting these figures on ebay and some on and this is the last of them. I now have my Boshek and can start just concentrating on getting figures in the store instead of watching auctions for older ones. (sidenote: there was also an imperial officer figure that came out while I was gone but they are redoing this figure in the saga legends collection here shortly so I will just get that figure then).

Friday, June 8, 2007

New 30th Anniversary figures (the day after I take my complete collection photos, it figures)

Well I got my 3oth anniversary wave 3 figures that I watned today the best being this Ralph Mcquarrie concept chewbacca figure to go along with the concept stormtrooper and boba fett figures I already have this group of figures was a great idea by the Hasbro people. Then you have this Jawa and Lin Droid which the jawa is different from any other jawa they have done up to present and the Lin droid has never been done so I had to get it.
Then we have this Biggs Darklighter in the outfit from his deleted scen in a New Hope so they obviously have never done this figure before so this is a great addition to the collection.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Now the Star Wars Collection Pics

Well after yesterdays post and saying that when I get ambitious enough I would take pics of my currect SW figures it was like a challenge to myself and so I just went for it and took pictures. So these are pictures of all of my carded and other SW figures in their packages. This first picture is all of my figures that are in protective cases that includes the vintage style figures that come with the cases and then other figures that were exclusives that came with the cases and then figures that I like or mean something in particular to me and so I want to protect them.
Here we have figures on non standard cards or larger boxes like the death star briefing set, princess Leia collection, Max Rebo Band sets, comic two packs etc.
Here we have the few 30th anniversary figures I have so far, the fans choice figures 1-5, then there is all of my saga collection, original trilogy collection, power of the Jedi, and then the blue cards which includes Episode 2 figures and figures that were released between Episodes 2 and 3 and then some exlusives like Kabe and Muftak, the preview Mace Windu and Oola and Salacious (one of my all time favorite sets).
Then here we have all the rest of the single carded figures which includes the orange cards of the first release back in 1995, the purple carded Shadows of the Empire figures, all of my power of the force (which includes commtech chip figures and flashback figures) and all of my Phantom Menace figures so you can see here right around 300 packages of figures (not individual figures which is double the amount from the picture in the previous post from 3 years ago)
I also purchased today so new Robot Heroes you have Ultra Magnus and Megatron here I had to get a Megatron to go along with my Optimus and Ultra Magnus just looks really cool.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Old Picture of MOC Star Wars figures

I found this picture that was taken in 2004 and decided to put it up because it was the last time I actually took out all of my figures and lined them up like this for a picture. This picture shows about 150 packaged figures the last time I counted my packaged figures (a few months ago) I was up to over 300 figures so this picture represents about half of my packaged star wars figure collection. If I ever get ambitious enough to take more pictures like this one I will post them but this is just to give a good idea of what a bunch of MOC (mint on card) figures look like all lined up, aren't they beautiful?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Awesome Star Wars Disney Toy Announcement

One of the purposes here on my blog is to show upcoming toys that I am excited about like here we have some new Star Wars Potato Heads that will be released in Disneyland Star Tours shops, you can see there names in the caption at the bottom of the picture and you can go to this link - to see more exciting news about disney characters in Star Wars costumes and Muppets as well and some other cool products being released in the Disney Star Wars shops. Xander is already super excited for Spuda Fett.
San Diego Comic Con is an exciting part of the year because they always have some minimate exclusives available. This year we have two zombiemates Giant man and Daredevil. There is a zombiemates box set being released later in the year with Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, and Luke Cage. Minimates always excited me and I will be getting a lot of them in the next month or so. There are a lot of other upcoming toys I am already awaiting this are just some of the most recently announced. The ones I am already waiting for I will just post pictures of them when I actually get them.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Transformer Movie Toys today

Well I got up early today so I could go to Walmart before I had to go to work because it was the official release day for the transformers movie toys and although there are a lot of really cool toys these are the ones that I purchased because theses are the best of them. First you have Optimash Prime, simply a mr potato head with Optimus Prime parts classic toy combined with awesomeness=Chic a la huit (very cool for those of you who don't know patspeak).
Next we have some Robot Heroes which are playskool cute little figures (along the same lines as Playskool's Star Wars Galactic Heroes and Super Hero Squad) This here is Optimus and Ravage the best looking of all the robot heroes they released.
And then there was the Bumblebee adn Soundwave pack which I bought simply because Soundwave is the coolest of all transformers ever. What he changes into is the best, his voice is the coolest and of course the tapes were super awesome so I buy anything and everything Soundwave. So that was the toy purchase today and probably the next thing I get will be some preordered minimates or MOTU staction figures I placed on order for online that should be coming out here quick. Anyhow
enjoy todays toy goodness.

Friday, June 1, 2007

June 1st the Emporium grand opening

Well my wife Breanne just started a blog for our family and I decided it would be cool to post information about my passion and hobby which is toys. So this blog will be dedicated to pictures of my toys and information about upcoming toys (my wishlist) and other cool toy related tidbits. I will also post a picture and description of new toys that I get when I get them and why I like them etc. So right now I am just trying to set up the basic layout of this blog and then I should start to have some regular posts. Tomorrow is June 2nd though and the transformers movie toys will be released so I will probably have some new toys with pics to post here pretty quick, and it is a rare week that I don't get anything new toywise. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do, the only thing that makes me more happy than toys is my family.