Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Robot Heroes and upcoming Lego set

So I once again couldn't resist and I bought this set of Robot heroes which includes Grimlock and Shockwave (I have an Energon and the Alternator of Shockwave already and Grimlock too so this set was a great addition) and as happens from time to time when you purchase at Toys R Us you get a survey receipt to get 3 dollars off the next purchase and since I got one of those I bought. . . . . .
Starscream and Mirage (I have the Mirage Alternator). So now there is only one set currently on the shelves that I don't have so only time will tell if I break down and but it or not.
Lastly we have one of this summers new Star Wars Lego sets (and the only one that I will be buying) and oh look at the beauty of this set. The jedi starfighter (I already have Anakin's yellow fighter) but the best is this comes with the hyperspace ring and a Kit Fisto figure!!!! Good times noodle salad.

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