Saturday, June 2, 2007

Transformer Movie Toys today

Well I got up early today so I could go to Walmart before I had to go to work because it was the official release day for the transformers movie toys and although there are a lot of really cool toys these are the ones that I purchased because theses are the best of them. First you have Optimash Prime, simply a mr potato head with Optimus Prime parts classic toy combined with awesomeness=Chic a la huit (very cool for those of you who don't know patspeak).
Next we have some Robot Heroes which are playskool cute little figures (along the same lines as Playskool's Star Wars Galactic Heroes and Super Hero Squad) This here is Optimus and Ravage the best looking of all the robot heroes they released.
And then there was the Bumblebee adn Soundwave pack which I bought simply because Soundwave is the coolest of all transformers ever. What he changes into is the best, his voice is the coolest and of course the tapes were super awesome so I buy anything and everything Soundwave. So that was the toy purchase today and probably the next thing I get will be some preordered minimates or MOTU staction figures I placed on order for online that should be coming out here quick. Anyhow
enjoy todays toy goodness.

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