Saturday, November 7, 2015

Superior minimates

I places an order back in June and this Ant-Man movie set of minimates didn't come out till last week so I finally got everything else.  I loved this movie and so this is a great set with Ant-Man Yellow Jacket, Hope Van Dyne and Hank Pym.  This set killed it with the details on the Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket.  

Then I got the rest of my Avengers Age of Ultron wave 2 minimates there is the Hulkbuster (which I was disappointed didn't come with parts to take him out to make a regular Iron Man.  Then there is a Hydra Soldier, Vision, Ulysess Klaue, and Hulk.  I love this Vision but wish I had ordered the variant but the press release picture made it look not that great but then I saw a production picture and it looked better. I only need one though so I will just live with the one I got.

Then from the Axis wave of minimates I only got this one two pack of Superior Iron Man and Apocalypse (who has replaced my old one because I like the look of this one better).  This Iron Man is great and as I have been playing this character on my app Contest of Champions I was extra excited for it.

Then this is a single pack Alien minimate that was an SDCC exclusive. It is unique because it glows in the dark.  I am keeping it in the package though because the clear head piece on the top doesn't stay on :(