Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fly Swiftwind fly!

Motuc this month was great as the sub gave us a great classic figure in Snout Spout heroic firefighter! You can read his bio below.

We also got a beast this month in Swiftwind who is She-ra's horse. This is an amazing toy even though it is the girliest toy I have ever owned.Read the bio below.

The only problem with Swiftwind is that the She-ra we already had couldn't spread her legs wide enough to sit on it so they made a new version of She-ra called Bubble Power She-ra that can sit on Swiftwind so I had to get this version. You can take off all the pink armor and she looks like normal She-ra which is what I did and then I sold my old She-ra. Next month we get our first vehicle in the Motuc line so I am very excited about that. Read the bio below.

Heralds and gods

So wave 42 of Marvel minimates was a Thor/Captain America wave. Here we have Eric Masterson as Thor which is the variant for the wave. The army builder is the Kronan stoneman and then you also have Eric Masterson Thunderstrike.

Here we have Civil War Captain America and Arnim Zola (a very unique minimate with the face on the chest and the wierd head)

Last you have my favorite from this wave Armored Thor and also Beta Ray Bill.

TRU fan choice box set this year is the Heralds of Galactus. This set includes Terrax on the floating rock, Galactus with a mini Silver Surfer that attaches in flight to his shoulder, Nova, and Morg. This is one of the best box sets yet because first of all it is all completely new charaters and second the Galactus is incredibly cool!