Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comic Con Goodness

Well her are some of the pics from Comic Con here in San Diego. I will post pics of my toys when I get back home so for now these are some non toy pics. The first happened when I went to pic up some minimates at the Shopafx booth and I turn around and who is it but Steve Sansweet the president of fan relations at Lucasfilm, the author of the Star Wars Encyclopedia and THE foremost Star Wars collector in the world and I recognized him and he was gracious enough to take a picture with me. AWESOME!!!!!!
I was there for the unveiling of the Mach 1 Iron Man suit from the upcoming and super dee duper highly anticipated Iron Man movie and this here is it. Even better was that I got to shake Tony Stark himself's hand . . . .well atleast the hand of Robert Downey Jr who will be playing the part of my favorite comic book character.
Well I didn't want to pay 50$ to actually go get this one's signiture but I had to atleast take a picture of me and David Prowse who as you all should know is the man inside the Darth Vader suit in the original trilogy.
Here is me and a huge Captain America poster at the Marvel booth (along with a not so polite stranger who got in the picture).
This is a mural made of legos that was at the lego booth. (I will post pics of the lego set I bought once I get it home and built). So those are some of the good pictures but we also saw Aaron Douglass (cheif Tyrol from BSG), George Takei, Seth Gree, Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Jon Favreau, Ernie Hudson (Winston from Ghostbusters), Robert Englund (Freddie Kreuger), and Rosario Dawson. It was one of the best days ever despite the massive and suffocating crowds. There were some bad news points like the info that Sigma 6 has been cancelled so there will be figures the rest of 2007 but nothing more after that and also that the Target wave of spiderman minimates that was supposed to be out here soon was also cancelled but I did go to a motu panel and the 2002 series will be on dvde in January and there will possibly be more toys here in the future. There were also all the new disney cars toys on display at the mattel booth and man oh man are there a butload of them. anyways until I get home in a few days enjoy these awesome pics.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Holy cute toy Batman!

Well they have done Spiderman and Friends before of which I have of course an Iron Man and a Captain America and now presenting the DC Super Friends series and this super cool and cute Batman with air pump powered batterang.
Once again Twaga feeds my toy hunger and gave me this vintage Jetfire, the tail fin is broken but that's ok because I already have a vintage Jetfire that Kenny gave me so this makes too duplicates are always welcome!
This is just a picture I created using my Masterpiece Optimus Prime (the coolest tranformer I own) and my world's smallest transformers Soundwave. This is just to show you that even Transformers have a hard time transforming their toys. "How the hell do you transform this thing?"

Monday, July 23, 2007

So many good toys make a monday much more bearable!

Well here is example number 1 of my weakness for items on clearance. I thought this Beta Ray Bill figure looked cool when it came out a good while ago but I didn't and still don't know jack squat about this character so I passed it up until now it was on clearance at TRU and so I snagged one.
Well Alternators are just the kick butt coolest of all the transformers and this one is a Civic which is the type of car I drive and it is the character Rumble who is one of the cassette tapes from Soundwave hence a must have!
This came in the mail today it is the exclusive coin set that I mailed away for with the proofs of purchase from my Vintage collection figures I got a few months ago so there is a coin here for each of those figures and then a cool exclusive 30th anniversary coin.
This is example 2 of my weakness for clearance items. Here is a Marvel Megamorph a cool idea but not the coolest toy (I already have an iron man one I got last year which I had to get simply because it is Iron Man) this one here happened to be on clearance for 3.81 and I had a 3 dollar off survey coupon so I only had to pay .86 cents for a cool Captain America toy that I know is absolutely worth the money I spent on it ka-ching!
Let me just say how awesome Twaga (my best friend and parter in toy crime Kenny) is. Our mutual friend Ben was cleaning out his toys and gave this to Kenny who in turn decided he didn't have room for it and gave this beatiful Voltron Defender of the Universe to me. I previously only had the die cast yellow lion and was on a slow but sure quest to acquire the other four lions but now I have a complete one all in one swoop yippee. I love toys!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iron Zombiemate

Well when you combine my love of Iron mand with my love of Minimates I get super excited when any new stuff that combines these is announced. Continuing the Zombimates line they announced a new two pack that has Black Panther (which is also a cool figure and a character they haven't done before) and this new Iron Man is very cool I don't know when it is coming out yet but I am so so very excited. (the previously posted pic of the Zombie DD and Giant Man will be in my possession next week as I will be getting it at Comic Con.)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yo Joe

Well I got some of the single carded 25th anniversary joes today (I am excited to see what other characters they will do as well). Here we have Cobra Commander
Snake Eyes of course the coolest of them all.
And Storm Shadow a very close second to Snake Eyes.

Friday, July 13, 2007

MINIMATES oh yeah baby

So I got my previews Spiderman Box set of Minimates today and I just can't get enough of Minimates they are so awesome so this boxzet comes with melee symbiote Spidey, Torment Spidey, powerhouse Venom, powerhouse Sandman, and the never done before Hydroman. I can't wait for the Spiderman 3 Movie mates. Good times noodle salad.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More toys more toys MORE TOYS

So I was out and about looking for toys and I went to Walmart and they didn't have the figures I wanted (this was yesterday) however they were clearancing these walmart exclusive (green case) Sigma 6 guys so I got this Jungel Commando Snake Eyes for three reason 1. it was cheap 2. I love snake eyes and 3. I wanted a Snake Eyes to put on the Hover Cycle I bought I while ago (if you look in the background of the next picture you can kind of see him there on the bike.
So then today I went back to the same Walmart because my toy senses told me I should and this is why I trust my toy sense. . . . I found two more of the Kung Fu Grip figures I have been searching for (now only two more to go). This one here is Iron Grenadier.
Here we have Inferno who is a very muscular figure and very cool all around until you take off his helmet and his hair is really dumb looking but the figure will still kick and wildfires butt.
Then as Breanne and I have recently been engulfed in watching Battlestar Galactica (we now have the first two seasons) I saw this Titanium Colonial Viper and just had to have it (although this one is not as cool as the one I got for my brother Morri last year). Well until next time (which won't be too long I'm sure)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Oh how I love me some minimates!

It has been too long since I got some new minimates and my DC wave 4 came today so here we have Steel and Cyborg Superman
Next we have Batgirl and Bane ( I love how the DC waves have made use of the larger scale minimate)
Then we have Deadman and the Spectre
And Wildcat and Golden Age Flash (the normal flash that most people would recognize is one of the very very very very few Minimates that I don't have (of the series that I collect)). I don't know a lot of the DC characters that I am getting (cause I am more into marvel) but they are minimates and they are still so very awesome that is hard for me to resist (accept for the Rocky minimates :)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

And so it begins

I have been waiting for months for the new GI Joe Sigma 6 8" figures to come out with the Kung Fu Grip figures and I have had money in my pocket for months specifically to buy the 5 that I want and today Kenny (my forever brother in the search for toys) called me and he found this Gung Ho at a walmart and he picked it up for me. THe kung Fu grip is awesome and I love the character Gung Ho (he was one of my facorite 3 3/4 figures ). So like I said the next little while will be toy paccked and this is just one of the many Gi Joes I will be getting here this month.
Kenny also sold me this classics Starscream (for 5$ what a deal) and it is the same as the ramjet figure I got here a few weeks ago just starscream doesn't ahve the cone head and the wings are a little different. This figure is pretty darn cool.

Friday, July 6, 2007

MOTU I have the power

Well I told you I was getting stuff in the mail and here is the first of it. This is a bunch of vintage MOTU (Masters of the Universe for those who don't know) figures that I bought off ebay. Two good guys here are mekanek and Roboto (two figures I actually had when I was a kid).
And here we have five villains Stinkor (the only one here I had as a kid and one of my favorite motu figures ever). then you have from left to right Rattlor, Tung Lashor, Grizzlor and Clawful.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

New toys and oh what a surprise more Robot heroes.

Well I got this cool mini Sigma 6 Mantis vehicle with a mini destro figure because I thought it looked like a cool little mech toy and it does look cool but I was very disappointed in the quality of this product. It doesn't stand up very well and all the joints are loose and wobbly. Oh well since I look at my toys more than I play with them I guess it doesn't matter.
Just when I thought the Robot Heroes were done for a good while I find this Walmart exclusive 5 pack (only 9.98 sweet deal). This pack is just repaints of molds already done so we have a hologram Mirage, chrome painted Optimus and Megatron and then two new characters cliffjumper and Skywarp (although they are just repaints of bumblebbe and starscream) I just had to but them anyways and also I have seen the Transformers two times this week so I was feeling in a transformers mood. This coming week I should have a bunch of really cool toys coming in the mail so I am excited for some new posts here pretty quick.