Thursday, July 12, 2007

More toys more toys MORE TOYS

So I was out and about looking for toys and I went to Walmart and they didn't have the figures I wanted (this was yesterday) however they were clearancing these walmart exclusive (green case) Sigma 6 guys so I got this Jungel Commando Snake Eyes for three reason 1. it was cheap 2. I love snake eyes and 3. I wanted a Snake Eyes to put on the Hover Cycle I bought I while ago (if you look in the background of the next picture you can kind of see him there on the bike.
So then today I went back to the same Walmart because my toy senses told me I should and this is why I trust my toy sense. . . . I found two more of the Kung Fu Grip figures I have been searching for (now only two more to go). This one here is Iron Grenadier.
Here we have Inferno who is a very muscular figure and very cool all around until you take off his helmet and his hair is really dumb looking but the figure will still kick and wildfires butt.
Then as Breanne and I have recently been engulfed in watching Battlestar Galactica (we now have the first two seasons) I saw this Titanium Colonial Viper and just had to have it (although this one is not as cool as the one I got for my brother Morri last year). Well until next time (which won't be too long I'm sure)

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