Thursday, July 5, 2007

New toys and oh what a surprise more Robot heroes.

Well I got this cool mini Sigma 6 Mantis vehicle with a mini destro figure because I thought it looked like a cool little mech toy and it does look cool but I was very disappointed in the quality of this product. It doesn't stand up very well and all the joints are loose and wobbly. Oh well since I look at my toys more than I play with them I guess it doesn't matter.
Just when I thought the Robot Heroes were done for a good while I find this Walmart exclusive 5 pack (only 9.98 sweet deal). This pack is just repaints of molds already done so we have a hologram Mirage, chrome painted Optimus and Megatron and then two new characters cliffjumper and Skywarp (although they are just repaints of bumblebbe and starscream) I just had to but them anyways and also I have seen the Transformers two times this week so I was feeling in a transformers mood. This coming week I should have a bunch of really cool toys coming in the mail so I am excited for some new posts here pretty quick.

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