Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lego mania!

So I obviously spent a good amount of time with Legos the last few days and so here are the three awesome lego sets that I got at SDCC (not that they were exclusive to the convention but I wanted to buy them at the Lego booth there) First we have the Republic Attack Gunship which is a set they did a few years ago that I never got and wished that I had so I was very excited to get this frakkin awesome set. If you look close you can see Asajj Ventress on the top of the ship.
Here is the side view of it with the great custom paint job sticker of a Kowakian Monkey Lizard and then the sides open to reveal Commander Cody, Obi Wan and Plo Koon.
Then this set was the one I was most excited about. It is the V-19 Torrent which was first introduced in the Clone Wars cartoon. The action on this set when you move the wings is unique from anything else I have and it is so very cool.
Here it is landed.
Then here we have the Twilight which is Anakin's ship from the upcoming Clone Wars movie. It is a boxy ship but very cool nonetheless. It came with Anakin, Ahsoka his apprentice, and Rota the Hutt. (Which is very reminiscent of Slimer)
Here it is in attack mode.
Then I also picked up this GI Joe set today at Walmart that has Breaker and the Ram Cycle and Tele Viper and the flight pod. I had the motorcycle as a kid so this was a nostalgic toy to open and play with. I didn't have the flight pod but it is cool too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Minimates Galore and more!

So it was a trip filled with Minimates and the best of all the set is this Shopafx exclusive Iron Man Through the Ages set. As you can see on the package it only comes with four figures but there are more minimates standing there. That would be because I bought two sets so that I could display them all with the different helmets and versions. So there is the Tony Stark. Then there is original Iron man and the Tony Stark Half dressed next to him. Then you have four other versions of Iron Man and some jet propelled stands that are rockin. They also announced another exxclusive set from the movie so yeah for more Iron Man I LOVE IT!
Here we have the Invaders Box set with WWII Cap, Buky, Human Torch (but no the FF4 Torch) and Namor.
Then this set actually came to me in the mail while I was gone it is the Star Trek Mirror Mirror set with alternate universe Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Marlena Moreau, and Sulu. I can't wait for the next few series of ST mates they are gonna rock!
Then the Diamond Select booth had some other minimates that I don't have and since I didn't have to pay shipping I snagged this Silence of the Lambs set with Dr Hannibal Lecter, Buffalo Bill, Clarice Starling and the Straight Jacket Hannibal.
This also came in the mail to me while I was gone it is the BSG Razor assortment with Pegasus Siz and Dead Pegasus six and then from left to right there is Cylon Pilot, Freefall Cylon, Cylon Warrior, Cylon Commander, and Gold Cylon Warrior. These are great looking Cylons with great detail, I can't wait for my other Razor set to get here in a week or so!
Then this is from the Hasbrotoyshop booth which I had to wait in a line to get a ticket to wait in the actual line for! This is the premier of the new Combat heroes toys for GI Joe and here we have Snake Eyes and his adorable little Timber.

Then we have Cobra Commander and his speech podium.

and then the very cool Mighty Muggs movie version of Iron Man, he is so shiny.

Then Breanne had to get a line ticket to wait in line at the Mattel booth to pick me up this here King Grayskull figure which is the first figure in their new Classics line that I am so pumped about. This figure is great looking with great articulation and the package is amazing with a door that opens and then electronically says I have the power and flashes lights inside.

The box package turns into this and if you look on the right you will see an inflatable power sword that you got for doing a survey at the Mattel booth. WOW so other than my legos that I will post pictures of when they are built. that is all the great stuff I got on my vacation to Comic Con along with some other stuff I got in the mail and since I have been hom so as you can see other than December this is the Toy month for me! I got a ton of free swag too but nothing really worhty of picture posting. Hope you all are envious becasue I would be if I were you!

The Clone Wars.

So the Clone Wars and many other new SW toys debuted last Friday night at midnight in anticipation for the Clone Wars movie and since I was gone I didn't get to the store until today (which was torture for me) but I picked up the figures I wanted. Here we have the actual Clone Wars Yoda (so notice that his package is different than all the rest of the figures here because he is from the movie and the rest of these are from the new Legacy Collection).
Here we have from the Clone Wars cartoon a Mon Calamari Warrior and what an incredibly awesome figure this is WOW!
Then we have from that same episode a Quarren Soldier who is also very cool.
Then last but not least from the same Clone Wars cartoon we have Saesee Tiin in his space Clone Armor. He got opened to go on my Jedi shelf and grace them all with his awesomeness.
Here we have from the Legacy Collection Bane Malar from ROTJ when Leia as Bouush brings in Chewie to Jabba this guy tries to stop them at the door and he gets thrown to the ground.
Here we have Ak-Rev who is a SE addition to the Max Rebo Band in Jabba's palace.
Here we have Yarna D'al'Gargan who is obviously the most attractive of all of Jabba's dancers and was affectionately called sixboob by me and my friends when we were kids.
Here is a hint for some soon to be posted pics. I got several new SW lego sets at SDCC and will post pictures when I have them put together. OH BOY OH BOY these are awesome!

A few pics of me at SDCC

So Comic Con has come and gone, so sad I know. I didn't get to meet anyone famous face to face but I sure saw a bunch of them and was in the same room with a bunch of them. Breanne will be putting up the panel pictures on the family blog here soon so for now here are the pictures of me and some. . . . .well things. This is a life size cylon at the Diamond Select booth and his little red eye really glowed and moved back and forth.
Here is me and Anakin's new apprecntice Ahsoka from from the new Clone Wars movie.
Here is me and Iron Man at the Hasbro booth.
Here is me and Iron Monger at the Marvel booth.
Then me and his corpulence Jabba the Hutt. Too bad I wasn't there when they took the group slave Leia photo!
Next we have out fron of the Mattel booth a large statue of King Grayskull (just wait be patient and you will see him in his figure goodness)
Then this here is the front of the Mattel booth which was Castle Grayskull, very very very very very cool!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Worm ridden piece of filth!

So more than a year ago now I found out that there would be a Target exclusive Galactic Heroes diorama playset with the all new Jabba the Hutt, Bib Fortuna, C3PO with slime on him, Luke Skywalker, and some other figures I already head (Han, Bouush, Lando, Gamorrean Guard, and a Nikto. This set came and went and I never found it at Target and eBay sellers were way too much so I resigned myself to not being able to get this set but as you can see here I got to unresign myself. We went to the mall last night and went to Hammonds toys which is more expensive than anywhere else and has a very very small selection but whaddayaknow they had this here set and for only five buck more than normal! So I snagged up this set with the greatest Jabba the Hutt toy to every be made! I love it! This next week is Comic Con so I may not have any posts all of next week but when I get back rest assured that there will be a butt load of greatness comin at ya!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vamp it up!

Along with the 25th anniversary figures that Hasbro has been releasing are some reissue of classic vehicles. They are a little more pricey but there are a few I have to have and this is one of them. When I was young my brother Ben had this Vamp jeep with Double Clutch the driver and I loved racing this thing all over the place and this updated version is just a cool. I was debating on whether or not to open this up and when I discovered that it came with stickers to apply that was the deciding factor for me to open it. I stashed the HISS tank and the motorcylce that I want at TRU and will pick them up when the flowage permits.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Testing 1...2...3

Oh happy day! So here we have a sound check with the new Transformers Animated Soundwave. Obviously I was excited to find this one because Soundwave is my favorite transformer but he also comes with this guitar that transforms into Laserbeak! What a great adaptation of this toy, although he isn't a boom box he is a boxy type car and the robot version has the tape deck chest which is just great. So the thing I set out to find today at Walmart is what I found. . . I love it when that happens.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Definitely Dinosaurs (but not those dinosaurs)

So this is the picture of a Dino Riders set that I had when I was a kid, I loved this toy and wish like many other toys that it hadn't left my possession during the great garage sale of '93 (there was a garage sale but I don't remember what year it was in)
Yesterday Kenny calls me and tells me that his brother picked up a box full of dinosaurs at a garage sale and that this here Pteranadon was in the box and he snagged it for me so even though it doesn't have the armor and the figure it is still the dinosaur and so what once left me through a garage sale has come back to me through one. YEAH!
So I went to the SPanish Fork K-Mart because I was told by a fellow collector and friend that they had the GI Joe that you will also see in this here post. So I got there and noticed that they had this here Grimlock from the new Transformers Animated series and this is a great figure but I couldn't bring myself to spend 20$ on it. But as I am admiring this great toy I notice that the price tag says 2.99$ on it and so I look at all the others on the shelf and they also have the same price tag so I take it with me to the check out stand and the cashier without even a second thought says if that is what it is tagged as then that is the price and so I got this 20$ sweet toy for 3$! Now that is the deal of the year so far! Here he is in Dinosaur mode.
Then you have him in his glorious robot mode and how very cool is this figure I am looking forward obviously to the Soundwave from this series but also the other dinobots because this one is chic a la huit!
This is what I went down to K-mart for in the first place though. This here is the comic 2 pack I have been looking for forever! It is Copperhead (one of my all time favorites) and Shipwreck which is fine except I already have a single pack of this guy so he is kind of a waste here but oh well getting Copperhead makes it worth it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Persistence is Key.

So since I found 2 of the 5 Joes I wanted yesterday at a Walmart I decided today to be persistent and check another Walmart and look how my persistence paid off I found the other 3 (the best 3) of this wave 9. First here we have Barbecue which is another of those figures that I didn't have as a kid but I would probably say that of all the figures I didn't have this was the one that I wanted most.
Then here we have one of my favorites from when I was a kid it is the Cobra B.A.T. which stands for Battle Android Trooper (I think). I love his interchangeable arm, very cool.

Then last but not least we have Polar Assualt Snow Serpent. This is a great figure that is perfect to pit against Snow Job. This was a great wave but there is still more to come as they just announced that the next wave will have Mutt and Junkyard! I am also still eagerly waiting to find the comic 2 pack with Copperhead in it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have been very excited for this next wave of GI Joe 25th anniversary figures and of the 5 coming out the two I was least excited for, of course, are the ones I find first. That is not to say that I am unhappy because these are still two great figures but the other three are the ones I am really looking forward to. This here is General Hawk which I had the coolest talking figure of when I was a kid.
Then here we have missile specialist Bazooka. Very cool figure that I always wanted but never had as a kid.
Then I had to get my last Indy figure so I could send away for the exclusive Crystal Skeleton (I already put my check and redemption stuff in the mail, now I just have to wait 10-12 weeks . . . . .bummer) I didn't know which figure to get so Xander helped me pick out this Cemetary Warrior figure. I wish I could be sure that the exclusive figure would still be available when the next wave of figures comes out because that wave has Short Round and the guy that tears out hearts from TOD. I'm sure I will still get those figures but I wish I could've gotten those and used those mail in certificates rather than buying this guy and the Cairo Swordsman. . .oh well my impatience coupled with a desire to make sure I get the Skeleton figure made me do it this way. And if you didn't understand the title to the post then you should remember that RAH stand for Real American Hero which is what GI Joe is and KOTCS is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which is the movie this figure is from.