Monday, July 28, 2008

Minimates Galore and more!

So it was a trip filled with Minimates and the best of all the set is this Shopafx exclusive Iron Man Through the Ages set. As you can see on the package it only comes with four figures but there are more minimates standing there. That would be because I bought two sets so that I could display them all with the different helmets and versions. So there is the Tony Stark. Then there is original Iron man and the Tony Stark Half dressed next to him. Then you have four other versions of Iron Man and some jet propelled stands that are rockin. They also announced another exxclusive set from the movie so yeah for more Iron Man I LOVE IT!
Here we have the Invaders Box set with WWII Cap, Buky, Human Torch (but no the FF4 Torch) and Namor.
Then this set actually came to me in the mail while I was gone it is the Star Trek Mirror Mirror set with alternate universe Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Marlena Moreau, and Sulu. I can't wait for the next few series of ST mates they are gonna rock!
Then the Diamond Select booth had some other minimates that I don't have and since I didn't have to pay shipping I snagged this Silence of the Lambs set with Dr Hannibal Lecter, Buffalo Bill, Clarice Starling and the Straight Jacket Hannibal.
This also came in the mail to me while I was gone it is the BSG Razor assortment with Pegasus Siz and Dead Pegasus six and then from left to right there is Cylon Pilot, Freefall Cylon, Cylon Warrior, Cylon Commander, and Gold Cylon Warrior. These are great looking Cylons with great detail, I can't wait for my other Razor set to get here in a week or so!
Then this is from the Hasbrotoyshop booth which I had to wait in a line to get a ticket to wait in the actual line for! This is the premier of the new Combat heroes toys for GI Joe and here we have Snake Eyes and his adorable little Timber.

Then we have Cobra Commander and his speech podium.

and then the very cool Mighty Muggs movie version of Iron Man, he is so shiny.

Then Breanne had to get a line ticket to wait in line at the Mattel booth to pick me up this here King Grayskull figure which is the first figure in their new Classics line that I am so pumped about. This figure is great looking with great articulation and the package is amazing with a door that opens and then electronically says I have the power and flashes lights inside.

The box package turns into this and if you look on the right you will see an inflatable power sword that you got for doing a survey at the Mattel booth. WOW so other than my legos that I will post pictures of when they are built. that is all the great stuff I got on my vacation to Comic Con along with some other stuff I got in the mail and since I have been hom so as you can see other than December this is the Toy month for me! I got a ton of free swag too but nothing really worhty of picture posting. Hope you all are envious becasue I would be if I were you!

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